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The Global Meetings & Events Exhibition Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain30 November - 2 December 2010www.eibtm.comWhere The World MeetsBest for Business, Education and Networking The leading global event for the meetings and events industry. With over 3,000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries, ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Register now at

ICCA CONGRESS 2010ICCA Chief Executive Officer Martin Sirkmarks the 49th ICCA Congress card for this month'sHyderabad gathering of the association:Martin SirkDevdutt PattanaikOctober 2010 Conference+Meetings World 27ICCA gathers the clansEntering the final, frantic preparationstages for Hyderabad this month, wewere expecting final delegate numbersto be around 750, not quite a record forAsia (that was Thailand in 2007), but on apar with our 2008 Congress in Canada.The finalists for the ICCA Best MarketingAwards have been selected, and we've gotan intriguing competition in store betweenIceland Convention Bureau, SandtonConvention Centre from South Africa, andthe UK's Excel London ICC. The first roundjudging panel believes we've got one of thestongest line-ups ever in a competition thatis renowned for the quality of creativity andexecution on display.The speaker line up includes topinternational association executives fromorganisations such as SoroptimistsInternational, World Allergy Organisation,European CanCer Organisation (ECCO), theFederation of European NeuroscienceSocieties, SIGGRAPH Asia, the InternationalDiabetes Federation and the InternationalFertiliser Association. There will be businessleaders, marketing innovators and brandingexperts from outside our industry; specialistsin fields such as business culture, mediarelations and advanced presentationtechniques. And that's before we include thedozens of senior ICCA members who havevolunteered to share their expertise andexperience as panellists, speakers, anddiscussion forum leaders. Highlights include the Copenhagen-Denmark Lecture by Devdutt Pattanaik, oneof the star speakers from the TED Indiaconference, who will give an Easternperspective on what success means in aglobalised economy; and we're thrilled tohave Svend Olling with us. He is now theDanish Ambassador to Bangladesh, but lastyear he was the Danish government's topman involved with organising the massiveCOP15 climate change conference inCopenhagen.Session topics range from Mobile Apps tocountry branding; from how to create majornew events, to what the most cutting-edgedesigner clients are doing at their parties;from association strategies, to riskmanagement. Every time slot has at leastfour sessions to choose from, almost allcreated exclusively for the ICCA Congressand its demanding audience.We've launched a major innovation tosignal a radical shift in how the Congressworks: 'Expert Advice Appointments' thatenable delegates to design a personalisedagenda throughout the Congress, with morethan 30 experts on tap and more than 120topics to choose from. Hundreds ofavailable one-on-one appointments havebeen filling fast as delegates book online.And we're expecting about 150 of thedelegates to be swapping vital insideinformation on events they've recently heldvia our traditional Business Exchange.Delegates will hear the latest findings fromthe Convention 2020research project, andthey will attend a variety of discussionforums to debate the implications for thefuture direction of, and challenges facingour industry. We know the hosts are geared up andready to welcome everyone; we know we'vegot some fantastic business opportunitiesand unique intellectual content, and we'recertain that every delegate will have anexperience they'll never forget.The 49th ICCA Congress takes place 23-27 October in Hyderabad. Details: www.iccaworld.comIn a response to negative PR related toThe Commonwealth Games in Delhi,ICCA called for a coordinated PRresponse in defence of India as adestination for events, while not denyingthere had been organisational problems.A statement on the ICCA website said, inpart: "India is just starting out as aninternational meetings destination. It'simportant to realise that the HyderabadICC was the first world-class facility to bebuilt in the country, and it's only beengoing for three years, and similarstandard facilities are only just starting toemerge in other cities. The country'sairport infrastructure is going through arevolution as well, which is essential forany destination that wants to be aserious player. "They've got some great professionalsin their hotels and PCO/DMC companiesand they realise they need to trainthousands more. They know there arechallenges relating to Indianbureaucratic practices, which can becomplex and frustrating."Holding the ICCA Congress in India isgoing to help accelerate many of thesepositive trends, as we help to educatemore senior policy makers in India aboutthe economic development potential thatmeetings help to unleash."