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Helping to make great things happenModern conference systems provide the essential 'lubricant' that makes for effective meetings. Here Murat Keskinkilinc, Product Marketing Manager for Conference Systems at Bosch Security Systems (right), explains how state-of-the-art conference systems from Bosch supported by the worldwide Congress Rental Network, can help conference organizers achieve success in this demanding area. There's a popular saying that great things can happen when people meet. While this is undoubtedly true, there's no doubt that where larger meetings are concerned proper organization is essential for the meetings to be successful. Here, of course, is where conference management systems come in, and their use nowadays is virtually taken for granted whenever conferences, large or small, are organized. Most major commercial and non-commercial conference venues have permanent conference management systems installed, but even these venues may sometimes require short-term changes or expansions of their setup without compromising its effectiveness. And smaller venues may need temporary systems to be set up anywhere in the world, sometimes at very short notice. It was to meet these needs that the Congress Rental Network (CRN) was established around 20 years ago. The CRN is a worldwide network of top-quality companies, all specialists in conference equipment hire. They use only the best congress and simultaneous interpretation systems and peripheral equipment, all supplied by Bosch, guaranteeing maximum effi ciency, optimum control and perfect sound reproduction.Specialists in conference equipmentAt the latest count, the CRN had members in 39 countries, with experience in installing and operating state-of -the-art equipment for event organizers in countless venues around the world. They cater for any event where A/V equipment and support personnel are required. So, it doesn't matter if venues are hosting thousands of delegates from all corners of the world or just a handful of representatives in a single meeting room, CRN members can supply exactly the solution required.Fast responseAround a decade ago it was possible to plan events three or four years down the line, but now, given the fast pace of business and the phenomenal improvement in transport and communication facilities, the confi rmation time for most events is down to a matter of weeks. This means everyone involved must always be on the move, manage resources effectively and respond to ever changing client requirements.In some instances, CRN members have been contacted with as little as two days notice of an event. This was the case in a recent example of a CRN member in Austria, who supplied equipment for the EU-GCC Joint Advertisement FeatureAdvertisement

Council and Ministerial Meeting at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. This was a real challenge, requiring eight large and three standard sized interpretation booths, 400 receivers and 80 delegate microphones. These were fl own 2000 miles from Vienna to Dubai, then transported by land to Abu Dhabi for set-up within 48 hours of confi rmation. That's no modest achievement but certainly not unique among CRN members. And here, of course, is the major strength of the CRN. When customers engage the services of a CRN member, they are working not only with a single company but with an entire network - providing the members with unlimited resources due to their practice of pooling equipment, information and resources.State-of-the-art conference management systemsVenue organizers who take advantage of the services offered by the CRN have immediate access to the most advanced conference management equipment the industry has to offer. This includes the ground-breaking Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next Generation and the DCN Wireless Discussion System, both of which draw on Bosch's extensive experience in this area that extends back many years. The DCN Next Generation meets the most demanding requirements of international conferences. Not only can it handle up to 32 language channels with superior speech intelligibility, it also provides multimedia capabilities such as touch-screen control for the operator and advanced display facilities for the delegates and audience, including a camera facility that automatically displays the current speaker on screen. The system moreover provides versatile voting facilities to, among other things, help improve the effi ciency of meetings. Of course, wired conference systems like the DCN Next Generation may not always present the best choice, especially for challenging locations such as multi-user venues and historical buildings. Here's where the Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion Systems comes in. Designed for maximum fl exibility, the DCN Wireless offers the perfect solution for such venues, letting venue owners provide a better, more effective service to their customers. With minimal time required for setup or break-down, multiple events can take place in sequence, enabling better and more effective use of space.In addition, the latest version of the DCN software allows a mix of wired and wireless delegate units in a single system, facilitating easy extension of DCN Next Generation systems to meet changing needs simply by adding DCN Wireless delegate units.And last but not least, for maximum convenience of delegates, the DCN systems can be combined with Bosch's Integrus digital infrared language distribution system. This produces crystal-clear sound through pocket-sized mobile infrared receivers, enabling delegates to comfortably listen to the proceedings in their own language as well as giving them complete freedom of movement while listening to the speaker. There's no doubt that conference systems have come a long way since their inception. Ground-breaking technical developments by companies such as Bosch now mean that they are an indispensible aid to all major international conferences as well as meetings in the corporate world. And through the services of the CRN, conference organizers today have access to the very best conference equipment, delivered and installed on-time to meet their tight deadlines, and providing the essential added value that can ensure their meetings are productive and successful. For further information, please visit www.boschsecurity.comFeatureAdvertisement Feature