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Hosted BuyersISSUE 65 / ConfErEnCE & MEEtIngS World / 45Who gets to be a hosted buyer on the EIBTM programme?The programme is made up of associations, corporates, destination management companies (DMC), event management companies, incentive houses, agencies, independent meeting planners, PCO's and venue finding agencies all with budgets of between US$250,000 and $10m-plus. There were 3,678 hosted buyers at the show last year.How do you attract hosted buyers?We have a targeted campaign to bring in buyers, many of which are corporates, and then we have group co-ordinators which form the majority of our buyers. These co-ordinators, such as hotel chains, DMCs and market representation companies, put together groups of 10-350 people - their essential business contacts. We also have a group co-ordinator in the UK who specialises in association buyers. How do you measure the quality?Measuring the quality of a buyer is more of a picture than a defined barrier they have to get over. We measure them by seniority, purchasing power, by how many events they organise and what sector they are interested in. An agency we would expect to have a number of events on its books varying in size; corporates tend to organise a smaller number of events of medium sized proportions and associations we would expect would organise one or two yearly events for significantly larger numbers of delegates (1,000-plus).Are many applications declined? Usually nine per cent. North American buyers tend to have a high reject rate as applicants tend to organise mostly local events.How do you match buyers to exhibitors?We operate a ratio of one exhibitor to one buyer. Our repeat rate each year is around 50 per cent, to ensure that exhibitors get to see different people.How do the appointments work?It is hosted buyer led. So once a buyer is accepted they can go onto the website and view exhibitors and select an interest in meeting. Our system then uses algarithms to offer buyers their meeting schedule. Hosted buyer appointments are the cornerstone of the show, without which the show would fall over.How long do hosted buyers typically spend at the show?We operate a rotation system, taking into consideration that many people can't justify a whole week out of the office. Between 75 and 80 per cent of our hosted buyers will be at the show for two days, the remainder from further afield would spend two or three nights.Is there a minimum number of appointments for hosted buyers?Hosted buyers are required to attend seven appointments each day at the show, a destination presentation from a destination of their choice and an education seminar. Are there penalties for buyers that don't attend scheduled appointments?We have a no-show policy that means that buyers are financially penalised if they don't show up, because we are running a business at the end of the day. The perfect host for 20 yEarS varIoUS EvEnt organISErS havE IMplEMEntEd vErSIonS of thE hoStEd bUyEr MatCh-MakIng prograMME. rEEd travEl ExhIbItIonS' hb prograMME ManagEr JUnE ClarkE SharES SoME SECrEtS. Vikki Carley aSkS thE qUEStIonSbelow: Painting the full hosted buyer picture, RTE's june Clarke

46 / ConferenCe & Meetings World / issUe 65Advertising Featuretherapy. It underscores our interest in bringing the conference to Malaysia so that our colleagues from around the world can learn from such best practice." Malaysia will be hosting the 7th International Aids Society (IAS) HIV Conference in Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, with 5,000 delegates."Hosting the IAS HIV conference in Malaysia in 2013 will not only be attractive to our delegates in terms of destination (touristic aspects, value for money) but it is also centrally located in Asia to attract HIV professionals from neighbouring countries," said Ms Rey.In addition, the annual Human Genome Meeting (HGM) organised by the international Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) will be held for the first time in Kuala Lumpur in 2015. The HGM 2015 is expected to attract 1,000 delegates comprising researchers, academicians, clinicians, students and others in science and human genome industry to Malaysia."Malaysia is rising in South East Asia in investment and quality of genomic and genetic sciences. Its hosting of HGM 2015 is a mark of international recognition of these advances," said Professor Edison T Liu, President of HUGO.Malaysia leaped three spots to 28th position in the latest ICCA country rankings. The number of meetings hosted grew 24 per cent, from 96 meetings (2009) to 119 meetings (2010). Malaysia retained its position as one of the top 10 meeting destinations in Asia Pacific. engaging MalaysiaMalaysia's Positioning as ChaMPion aMongst eMerging eConoMies is Key to Bid sUCCesstrategically located in the heart of South East Asia between the two booming economies of China and India, coupled with its multi-cultural diversity and excellent value for money, Malaysia offers a compelling proposition for international associations headquartered in Europe aiming to connect with Asia and increase their profile in the world's most populous region. Malaysia's strength in engaging with new and emerging economic centres lies in its rich historical links with China, India and the Middle East while simultaneously enhancing ties with the West.Mr Zulkefli Hj Sharif, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), said: "Our recent success in securing international meetings is supported by Malaysia's positioning as a role model among emerging economies and as Asia's education hub. Hosting a meeting in Malaysia means international associations can use the opportunity to engage with their Asian counterparts, raise their association profile and create interest in their respective fields in this region of four billion people."As outlined in the national Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), Malaysia aims to become a high income and developed nation by 2020. Investments in key economic areas including medical sciences, technology, oil and gas and education are expediting progress and advancements for the country in the respective fields. As Ms Anouk Rey, Conference Director of International AIDS Society based in Geneva, Switzerland, attested, "We are very impressed by the Malaysian government's commitment to provide free HIV treatment to all Malaysians in need of antiretroviral above: Kuala lumpur Convention CentreBelow: Malaysia is Asia's 'education hub'S