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THE MORE INTENSE THE EXPERIENCETHE MORE PRECIOUS THE MEMORYWhere you see it, is how you see it. Here you see everything at its most beautiful, your experience is intense. Whether it's a gala diner, a party, an exhibition, a presentation, an awards ceremony or a convention, our enormous ballroom with spellbinding LED lighting will make it an unforgettable experience. With our panoramic views and delicious catering, the RAI Elicium also adds unprecedented allure and elegance to all your meetings and trainings. Sustainability comes first! For example our hypermodern renewable energy system stores excess heat and cold in the floors for later use. Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre | | +31 20 549 17 22 | www.rai.nlI'd love to give you a tour at

ISSUE 65 / CONFERENCE & MEETINGS WORLD / 7he Conference and Meetings World is our expanding oyster and I hope you like our new design. Our global, 108-page, English-language quarterly offers a truly unique proposition: bringing you the best in the international meetings class, and key news, analysis and feature material to help you make smart business decisions.We hope to meet many of you on our stand at the inaugural IMEX America tradeshow in Las Vegas. The event provides us all with a great chance to network, study and practice the face-to-face business we all preach. Meetings make money.This October's show at Sands Expo is flying under the 'Business all the way' theme. IMEX America has 14 industry co-located events, and 80 Sporting legacies are not just Olympic, as the LeaderSouth Africa World Cup legacy experience shows MANAGING EDITORPAUL COLSTONPCOLSTON@MASHMEDIA.NETADVERTISING MANAGERANDREW FRENCHAFRENCH@MASHMEDIA.NET© COPYRIGHT CONFERENCE + MEETINGS WORLD ALL MATERIAL PUBLISHED IN CONFERENCE + MEETINGS WORLD IS COPYRIGHT AND REMAINS THE PROPERTY OF THE PUBLISHERS. NO MATERIAL MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE PUBLISHERS. THE PUBLISHERS DO NOT NECESSARILY AGREE WITH THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY CONTRIBUTORS, NOR DO THEY ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ERRORS OR INTERPRETATION IN THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THIS PUBLICATION.NO PART OF THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE COPIED OR REPRODUCED, STORED IN A RETRIEVAL SYSTEM, OR BE TRANSMITTED IN ANY FORM BY ANY MEANS ELECTRONIC, MECHANICAL, PHOTOCOPYING, RECORDING OR OTHERWISE WITHOUT THE PRIOR PERMISSION OF THE PUBLISHERS.DEPUTY EDITORVIKKI CARLEYVCARLEY@MASHMEDIA.NET PUBLISHING DIRECTORPAUL DAVIESPDAVIES@MASHMEDIA.NETPRODUCTION MANAGERLUKE SPALDINGLSPALDING@MASHMEDIA.NETPRODUCTION ASSISTANTJULIA BALLSENIOR DESIGNERCLAUDIA COUTSIDESSTAFF WRITERSARAH O'DONNELLCIRCULATION EXECUTIVE:TIM PARDINGTONspeakers and a seminar line up illustrating just how fertile and rich our industry's subject matter can be.No time to rest on our laurels, however, as the global economy continues to test our resolve and business models. Many of our political masters and venue funders remain unconvinced of the meeting industry's true value to the economy, so we must continue to make the case for return on investment and time. The Joint Meetings Industry Council is one body to turn to for those in need of back up materials. The international meetings debate moves from Las Vegas to Leipzig, which hosts the 2011 ICCA congress at the end of October. More blue sky thinking will be on offer, as well as practical and innovatory ideas to take away, so that we may go on to lead local policy debates affecting our own territories, venues and businesses.Our 'five ring' Olympic legacy feature offers some very different tales and experiences. I'll leave it to you to decide where the bronze, silver and gold legacies lie.Sporting legacies are not just Olympic, as the South African FIFA World Cup 2010 experience shows. The South Africa Tourism strategy clearly shows why a country would bid for a giant global sporting event. South Africa's new-look venues and infrastructure investment have helped sign up 200 new conventions and an estimated 300,000 delegates. If the big issues affecting your business are not covered in CMW, let us know. You can send us your news for our website and also interact with us via social media.Whether the questions exercising your team is sustainability, ROI, the merits of free Wi-Fi, industry related education or venue topics, we want to cover the debate. Your feedback will keep us on the meetings gold standard. Managing Editor, Paul ColstonPRINTED BY PENSORDMASH MEDIA GROUP LTD 4TH FLOOR, STERLING HOUSE6-10 ST GEORGE'S ROADWIMBLEDONLONDON SW19 4DPTEL: +44 (0)20 8971 8282 FAX: +44 (0)20 8971 8283EMAIL: INFO@MASHMEDIA.NETWEBSITE: WWW.C-MW.NETThe world is our meeting roomT