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Have your sayISSUE 65 / ConfErEnCE & MEEtIngS World / 97Dear Editor,At Grass Roots we keep hearing ROI/ROO is important to clients, but feel the market is crying out for direction and support on event measurement. This has led us to identify three primary areas where meaningful measurement can be created.'Insight' - a data-centric approach that analyses event and participant data, such as demographics, behaviours and preferences, to indentify underlying trends and effects. 'Experience' - which is evaluation-based, utilising effective yet succinct questionnaires to measure the participant experience, allowing incisive insight into the key drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. 'Impact' - an objective-based approach measuring changes in participant behaviour which allows corporates to assess the ability of the event to meet financial and non-financial goals.'Insight' is a low-cost, delegate burden-free, approach that spots trends in event data and can greatly assist in quality decision-making around meeting strategy.'Experience' evaluation innovates the participant experience timeline, ensuring the voice of the delegate is clear and pinpoints areas of dissatisfaction needing to be overcome. It also highlights areas of satisfaction to be maximised going forward. 'Impact' measurement is a comprehensive end-to-end ROI/ROO solution, utilising a beneficial impact approach, rather than just applying a formula.At last a meaningful measurement framework created specifically for the events industry. Warren Hillier, Director, Commercial Risk and Measurement at Grass RootsLetters@broadwayevents: Live events build relationships... FACT! #eventprofs@pkerwood:Just finished work on our talking advert. Is this the first ever talking advert using a QR code? @innov8_Conf: @ABPCO 's campaign for Free Wi-Fi in all venues seems to be building up speed #confcloud@fastfuture: Internet-enabled electronics devices expected to hit 503.6m units in 2013, up from 161m units in 2010. @WendiMooreAgncy:India still dominates LinkedIn in Asia @Penthouselord:Why events? Because people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel@IMEX__Group:Just been making plans with our PR friends @venetianvegas and @palazzolasvegas for #'imexamerica11. It's all hotting up nicely now folks@InternetAcette: Business Commandment #2 - identify mentors and ask plenty of questions @Elizabethglau:Can an airtight #socialmedia policy save your organisation from a lawsuit? #eventprofs@Hyattcancun:Enjoy a Welcome Credit up to 125 USD when you stay at a participating Hyatt hotel now through December 30, 2011@Dragonflyafrica:Wishing @greenroute01 a happy 20 year birthday!Top TweetsFor all the latest breaking news, daily updates, visit:www.c-mw.nethave your say. send your letters For publiCation to: vcarley@mashmedia.netIf you're not measuring, are you really maximising your events spend?Dear Editor,In mid-September the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, London, ran a hugely successful international meeting entitled Think Asia Think Hong Kong. Planned more than a year in advance by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, working closely with the venue's event management team (and in very meticulous detail too!) it resulted in the staging of very high profile international symposium. But beforehand there were hundreds of emails exchanged and numerous meetings held to make certain everything worked on the day. Experience has taught me that when a meeting and event is planned well in advance it works. Mistakes happen when pre-event planning has been poor.Whether it is room layouts, audio visual support, catering, registration, security, signage, accommodation or the myriad of requirements behind all successful meeting, pre-planning is the key to success. In almost every case there is a pool of expert help available. I speak of a venue's event coordinators and events managers. They are the font of all knowledge (or should be). So my advice to anyone planning an international conference is to lock in tightly to the venue's event management network at the outset - its support is critical. Without extensive pre-planning Think Asia Think Hong Kong would not have been as successful as it was.Ernest Vincent, Chief Executive, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference CentreDetailed pre-planning will ensure success

With around 2,000 exhibitors, the inaugural IMEX America is the largest meetings industry trade show in the U.S. This event is now the pacesetter, the game-changer-and already turning up the beat for 2012. Be here!POWERING THE PACE OF GLOBAL BUSINESSthe pulse of the meetings