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111The benefi ts of Baby CarriersBeing carried also:???? Promotes attachment and bonding. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????www.conference-news.??co.??.?? ??February ??HBAA ??????????the tipping point ????Inntel's ??Burgess said ??hotels may ??be ??forced ??into ??????of ??bedrooms being held for London 2012 if they don't see the ??money ??and ????????????????????????forum saying the consensus ??seemed ??to ??be ??that ??2012 ??would ????????????exciting".Technology??Tom McInerney,?? ????????technology company ??Etherlive,?? ??said ????should ????????asking ??a hotel has Wi-Fi ????rooms, Breathe whether Lightweight carrier in breathable mesh fabric to keep and the baby got suffi cient bandwidth, for example?He also advised agencies openings.meeting planners to seek proper support to positions the technology do what they support. Includes protect carrier and your clothing. hundred washable.the Suitable from 3.6kg a 11.3kg.of thousand wishing to join Explorer by remote," Compact McInerney, who also urged clients neatly making it ideal capacity travel.tweet about the content.Extending the brand from the adjustable backsystem.another important strategy to consider. will People your want safe access secure post-event and toy ready for pay items it," said McInerney.Mason Suitable he'd witnessed a "massive" increase in hybrid events.Taylor believed for added key issue with meetings technology boiled down to whether it could deliver B7791 £100Hippychick HipseatBack supporting belt designed to reduce back strain when carrying babies and young children. Fastened with strong VelcroT plus additional the food webbing strap and buckle to fi t all waist sizes. Inner pockets. Removable lightweight seat is padded for comfort. Machine washable. Ducker noted, while The Brewery's Varah said doing that had enabled his venue to target the technology community for events. "We are now getting bookings on the back of our big investment in internet and new bandwidth," he said.Deakin noted the vast majority of delegate complaints were around technology and clients not being able to communicate fast.Burgess fl agged up the need for training to keep pace with the technology advance. "The person taking the event brief in the hotel is not always commercially aware in our experience," she said.McInerney also admitted there was occasional over-specifi cation of bandwidth.Katy Brookman, Systems and Quality Manager from Zibrant, said some clients don't know what to ask for. "Therefore we as an agency need to be ready to explain what they need."McInerney advised focusing on core elements such as good quality internet connection and an investment in Wi-Fi."Additional Wi-Fi kit can be brought in as and when it is needed; a good quality internet link is critical," he added.There seemed a consensus that there was a massive disconnection in the market between what is available and what is understood about what is available."Hybrid events work well when there is a specifi c subject; for example, we carried out a Tour Operators Margin Scheme (TOMS) seminar for our membership," said Ducker. "There were 70 delegates at our live event on the issue and 140 joined in over the internet," he added, admitting the Q&A did get a bit clunky with the people from who were remote.However you deliver on site smartphone apps, it should be compatible with multiple platforms, not just Blackberry or Caboo Carrier soft another piece holds a baby in the correct physiological 'frog legged' position which places platforms as being the way forward. babies from the top science," he said.In Part 2 of the Winter Forum, we refl Suitable for men discussion around RFP (request for proposal) client breastfeeding at home or out and tools.wearers, simply pull fabric through the rings to tighten. Suitable from Top: Lockton's Stephen Akers and David Hamer with Zibrant's Katy Brookman.LittleLife Carriers available onlineBaby carriers help keep your Inntel's Sue Burgess. happiest Grass Roots' David Taylor, with Ducker and Ball Associates' Jules Alexanderbaby is a happy baby, they usually cry less

your experience, our expertise.Leading Hotel, Conference and Event Venues for 2012 and beyondimago is Loughborough University's multi-award winning conference and hotel companyVisit us at Confex Stand no. B18103 star budget hotelimago @ Loughborough Ltd, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3TD08450 364624 | www.welcometoimago.comGlobal Provider of Audio Visual and Event Technology Video & ProjectionLightingSoundRiggingCreative ServicesSet Design & ConstructionEvent IT SupportHD Event +44(0)7881 623867 Visit us at Confex stand G132