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DAY IN THE LIFE OF62 . . February 2012 do and the benefi ts of using a racecourse," he said. With his next meeting scheduled at 2pm, he has time to make the necessary telephone calls to start the ball rolling with the launch event. "I'm a big believer in empowerment; it's the people at the grass roots of this business that have brought about the biggest innovations and best ideas," he adds. "Invitation design, food choices, theming and guests lists are handed straight over to the launch team who are tasked with creating a timeline of activity and anticipated results."Lunch is at the desk before the fi rst of the afternoon's meetings; a budget review of sales across the estate with Group Director of C&E sales and PAJE, who along with Lime Venue Porfolio represents the venues. "This is unlike no other year as we are seeing huge demand for displaced business from the capital during the summer. We need to ensure that we can convert the enquiries and drive revenues. We also need to look at the sectors where demand is coming from; for example we are seeing a distinct growth from the retail sector whose large scale events often require space to recreate one of their stores and often car-parking for over 1,000 delegates. This along with other sectors is key for all venues to focus upon," he says.Action plans drawn and review dates set, Baker makes his way back to his desk for a conference call on the large scale live event and festival market. "This is an existing revenue stream and we are working closely with the promoters to secure a programme of acts for later in the year. We are also looking at the emergence of smaller interest specifi c festivals along the lines of Greenbelt that we already host at Cheltenham Racecourse," says Baker."Revenues we make are re-invested into the business to ensure the long-term success of our business and at present we are undertaking a seven-year £145m investment programme," he adds.The call lasts just over 40 minutes; again responsibilities and deadlines are set before fi ve minutes solace is found making coffee. "No week is ever the same and certainly no day is ever the same. I'm a big believer in being hands on and being accessible to everyone in the business. Teamwork, leadership and giving an exceptional experience are core to our organisation's values," he adds. Emails are checked and responded to personally before fi les for the next day's meeting at Cheltenham Racecourse are put into his well-travelled briefcase. The desktop is put to hibernate at just after 6pm when he switches to Blackberry for the 90 minute train journey home to Warwickshire.Rules of the job: Day at a glance: 06.30 Leave home for train to London 09.00 Board meeting13.00 At desk checking emails. Desk top dining with sandwich 14.00 Sales review16.30 Conference call 17.10 Emails, catch up and planning for the next day 18.10 Leave offi ce for Euston Station to get train home Quick questions: Blackberry, Iphone or Filofax? I'm a Blackberry man through and through. What time do you like to be at your desk? I'm not one for being stuck at a desk; instead I am reliant on my Blackberry to keep in contact. Describe your management style Successful businesses are formed on people and their relationships. My style is people-centric, candid in communication and being accessible to everyone in the organisation.Do you read management books or magazines? As a would-be (but never was) writer I read as wide a variety of literature as is feasibly possible allowing for business/family constraints.Football, rugby or horseracing - what do you prefer to watch at the weekend? Though clearly a racing fan, I do like my football and as a Manchester City fan I am enjoying the current period at the football club after many years of pain and hurt! I am in my offi ce a maximum of one day a week as my role requires me to be hands onBaker is working to position the Jockey Club racecourses to the UK conference market

An extraordinary venue set in stylish MayfairNo.4 Hamilton Place is a classic Edwardian building which has an air of old luxury with a beautiful baroque staircase, opulent Louis XVI gilt cornicing, glittering chandeliers and a relaxing roof terrace with glorious views of Hyde Park.Capacity for 10 to 300 guests . Wi-fi internet access in all rooms Air conditioned . Hi-specification lecture theatre which seats up to 250 guests Access for wheelchairs . A choice of stylish rooms suitable for meetingsTo make a booking or for further information contact our Events Manager Gareth Halstead on +44 (0)20 7670 4314 or email Hamilton Place, London W1J 7BQConference and Events team01242 539538 I | Capacity for 2 - 2,250 delegates . Unlimited free parking . Competitive Day Delegate Rates . Superb views of the Cotswold Hills . Bespoke and original catering ideas . Close links to major road and rail links . Free Wi-fi in key rooms