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An extraordinary venue set in stylish MayfairNo.4 Hamilton Place is a classic Edwardian building which has an air of old luxury with a beautiful baroque staircase, opulent Louis XVI gilt cornicing, glittering chandeliers and a relaxing roof terrace with glorious views of Hyde Park.Capacity for 10 to 300 guests . Wi-fi internet access in all rooms Air conditioned . Hi-specification lecture theatre which seats up to 250 guests Access for wheelchairs . A choice of stylish rooms suitable for meetingsTo make a booking or for further information contact our Events Manager Gareth Halstead on +44 (0)20 7670 4314 or email Hamilton Place, London W1J 7BQConference and Events team01242 539538 I | Capacity for 2 - 2,250 delegates . Unlimited free parking . Competitive Day Delegate Rates . Superb views of the Cotswold Hills . Bespoke and original catering ideas . Close links to major road and rail links . Free Wi-fi in key rooms

284Prices are list, each and exclude VAT.9026ABS Plasterers HawkRigid ABS and handle with callous protector.Displaypacked.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthWidthQtyeach40938330mm330mm-£9.06D99022Polyurethane Plasterers HawkLightweight hawk manufactured from rigid polyurethanefoam with plastic handle.Sold loose.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthWidthQtyeach13458248mm248mm-£14.32D10DAVE SAYSThese two trowels (Item Nos.1 & 2) havetraditional wood handles which manytradesmen believe are easier on the handwhen using continuously.Although most of ourrange of trowels have soft grip handles, wehave retained these two products for those whoprefer wood handles.DAVESAYSQUALITY MAKES THEDIFFERENCESMOOTH FACEFOR PLASTERING9020SGSoft Grip Aluminium Plasterers HawkExpert Quality, manufactured from sheet aluminium,with detachable soft grip handle.Display packed.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthWidthQtyeach88594300mm300mm-£23.84D8T107Plastering FloatManufactured from high impact polystyrene making itsuitable for heavy duty work.Will outlast conventionalpolyurethane models.Sold loose.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthWidthQtyeach22333280mm110mm4£8.30DT1067Polyurethane FloatsLightweight general purpose float manufactured fromrigid polyurethane foam.Sold loose.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthWidthQtyeach13411280mm140mm-£6.46D13412320mm180mm-£8.08D6T105AAdhesive Spreading TrowelPolished and lacquered carbon steel blade, serrated ontwo edges and fusion welded with five rivets to themoulded polypropylene handle.Display packed.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthWidthQtyeach67144265mm115mm4£9.22DT104A5General Purpose TrowelPolished and lacquered carbon steel blade, fusionwelded with five rivets to the moulded polypropylenehandle.Display packed.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthWidthQtyeach67143265mm115mm4£8.84D197C42 piece Corner Trowel SetFor accurate neat finishing when plastering internal andexternal corners.Carbon steel blades with hardwoodhandles.Display packed.StockBoxPriceNo.HeightWidthQtyper set90037125mm56mm-£8.22D3Plastering TrowelsExpert Quality, hardened, tempered and lacqueredcarbon steel blade 64 wide..Handle . February 2012February HULLull and East Yorkshire (HEY) Conferences works with a selection of traditional, contemporary and unusual venues in the historic waterfront 17.76D1197280mm Plastering TrowelHardened,resort of Bridlington tempered and lacquered carbon steelblade 120mm wide.Handle mounting is securelyat fixed the to the blade Liz with eight says the venues Traditional banana shaped wood service and value StockBoxPriceNo.Qtyeach524454£15.32Ddelegate rates starting from as little as £23.00. Neal's team offers an event support service, venue-fi nding and help in booking delegate accommodation with an online booking service. "We also offer a small sponsorship package for residential event organisers, to help enhance their event in our area," she adds.In 2011 Hull and East Yorkshire hosted major conferences including WSDAN 2011 Mainstreaming Telehealth and Telecare Conference for 200 delegates; and the Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference, attended by 150 delegates from 17 countries. During 2012 Neal and her team will welcome 500 Rotarians and delegates from the Bram Stoker Centenary Conference, as well as from the 18th International Sustainable Development Research (ISDR) conference. The three-day ISDR conference, Neal expects, will act as a boost to the Hull and Humber region's attempts to position itself at the centre of the UK's renewable energy surge. "The are major plans in the area," she says, "for a biomass power station, tidal stream power plant and an advanced biofuel centre. The Humber region also plans to play a signifi cant role in the expansion of offshore wind industry in the UK, with the capacity to generate enough energy to power 2.7m homes and create jobs in manufacturing, research and engineering." On the Hull waterfront A redeveloped transport hub, a remodelled Marina and a new hotel critical mass. Is Hull fi nally equipped for a real assault on the UK association meetings market? HEY Conferences makes the caseH64 . . February 2012February