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Important Box Qty info:For your convenience we recommend ordering in box quantity or multiples of box quantity where shown.297You can still order in any quantityunless specifically stated otherwise.CPCrowbarIdeal for exerting pressure to lift and move heavy items and also demolition work.Solid forged high carbon steel with taper point and angled foot.Sold loose.Minimum order two or multiples thereofStockBoxPriceNo.LengthQtyeach108991.5M2£31.52D3UBDemolition BarsIdeal for heavy duty building site work i.e.demolition,dismantling timber work etc.Forged carbon steelchemically blacked with chisel end and swan neck.Soldloose.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthQtyeach44450350mm4£9.48D44451600mm4£15.72D44452900mm4£22.44D4BD9Wrecking BarsIdeal for dismantling timber work, case opening, etc.andremoving nails.Forged high grain steel with chisel endand swan neck.Sold loose.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthQtyeach64846450mm-£9.26D64854600mm-£12.46D75513760mm-£12.88D5PB355mm Pry Bar/Nail PullerFlat section with nail puller and chisel ends35mm wide.Forged from good quality carbon steelhardened, tempered and painted black.Sold loose.StockBoxPriceNo.Qtyeach309754£9.04D7NPCB250mm Pry Bar/Nail PullerDouble-ended nail puller with crowfoot andchisel ends.Forged from good quality carbonsteel hardened and tempered.Display packed.StockBoxPriceNo.Qtyeach36030-£10.16D8UBSET/33 piece Demolition Bar SetIdeal for heavy duty building site work i.e.demolition,dismantling timber work etc.Forged carbon steelchemically blacked with chisel end and swan neck.Display packed.Contents:one of each 350, 600 and 900mm longStockBoxPriceNo.Qtyper set413784£47.36D9SCAFS7/16"Whitworth Scaffolders SpannerChrome vanadium steel with knurling on handle for extragrip.Bi-hexagon socket head swings through 90°in bothdirections.Display packed.StockBoxPriceNo.Qtyeach05720-£13.38D10HB450mm Heel BarUsed for levering, positioningand aligning jobs.The long pointed tapercan be used for lining up drift.Roll head increasesleverage.Manufactured from alloy steel hardened andtempered with zinc plated finish.Sold loose.StockBoxPriceNo.Qtyeach314964£20.14D6CURVED PRONGPOINTED PRONGAF10PPF10 Prong Potato Fork with Wood Shaftand MYD HandleForged head width 380mm.Sold loose.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthQtyeach220031120mm5£30.52D1AP10PSF10 prong Manure Fork with Wood Shaftand MYD HandleForged head width 420mm.Sold loose.StockBoxPriceNo.LengthQtyeach220271120mm5£30.52D2NEW!1.5M LONG FORSUPERIOR LEVERAGEVENUE SHOWCASEFebruary 2012 . . 89 Tylney Hall is a Grade II listed mansion in Hampshire. Originally built in 1700, it last year celebrated its Silver Jubilee as part of the Elite Hotels portfolio. The main reception maintains a Victorian elegance and the fl oor to ceiling walnut panelling makes quite a fi rst impression.The conference and events team reports MICE business is steady, with key clients seeing the venue through some tough economic times. "A vast majority of our business is late lead. One month prior, business on the books can look very different to the actual outcome," says GM Mark Ashton "Clients also are looking for a great deal more for their money and have to justify, more than ever, their reason for spending. This means that we are being fl exible to each client's individual requirements, whilst at the same time upholding the standards and level of service that we pride ourselves on," Ashton adds.There are deals to be had at Tylney Hall during the quieter times. Big local events providing business opportunities include the Farnborough International Air Show Silver service In the fi rst of a series examining venues reaching landmark dates, Paul Colston looks at Tylney Hall in Hampshire(9-15 July 2012), held nearby every two years. The 2010 event saw US$47bn worth of orders announced and drew 120,000 trade visitors. Tylney Hall expects returning clients who stayed during the show in 2010 and 2008. Some host meetings or corporate dinners linked to the air show. "We are also looking forward to providing a venue for those who don't want to be completely immersed in the hustle and bustle of London during the 2012 Games period," says Ashton.Already booked in is one international event focusing on the traditional English countryside and hospitality experience, entertaining corporate clients before they transfer to attend the Olympics. Tylney Hall has signed up to the London Visitor Charter for the 2012 Games, which the team hopes will assure clients from all sectors that they are being offered fair trading terms during the events.Ashton does expect some business to be displaced in the summer. "It is likely that our peaks and troughs will vary from historical patterns. This makes for a very interesting 2012," he says. Below, top: Tylney Hall Events Manager Debbie Hine (right) at the venue's Summer Showcase in 2011 for buyers. Bottom: Main Hall conference layoutAGENCY AND CLIENT VIEWS:Sponsored by Stella Hoffmann of Pink Buddha Events says: "The picturesque surroundings, necessary luxuries and Tylney's meeting of all AV needs" meant she would bring clients back. Astrid Bowers-Veenman of COG International has placed several events and praised the choice of accommodation - in the main house or in luxury suites on the estate. Other recent clients at Tylney include FMC and BP for private dinners and Yule Catto for a GM Conference.

157A. Rainbow BumperSoft cotton bumper with six ties. Suitable for cot or cot beds. 100% Cotton. h40 x w160cm. A7671 £36B. Set of Three Scatter CushionsBold, knitted A,B,C designs to co-ordinate with the bedding. 100% Cotton. 30 x 30cm. B9189 £34C. Rainbow BlanketFunky colours, perfect for cots, buggies and prams. 100% Cotton. 106 x 106cm. A7670 £20D. Rainbow BouncerWith removable cover, three-point harness and removable toy bar with toys. Suitable from birth. A7212 £39E. Red Gingham Giant Storage BucketPerfect for bedroom and nursery storage. Quilted cotton. h40cm x Diameter 30cm. B3436 £34F. Rainbow Stripe Baby Sleeping Bag100% Cotton outer and lining. Approx. 2.5 tog. 0-6, 6-18mths. A7672 £28ABright Checked Rug Large hardwearing, deep pile rug that fi nishes off a room perfectly. 100% Wool. 80 x 120cm. B3381 £59Rainbow LampshadeTwo-tiered lampshade in bright colours. h25 x Diameter 30cm. B3424 £19Bean Bag ChairsSoft, practical and easy for toddlers to move around. 100% Polystyrene bean inner. Removable, machine washable covers. h43cm. B6679 £42Complete the look...Rainbow NurseryBCDEF | TO BOOK YOUR MARINA BAY SANDS EXPERIENCE 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 | +65 6688 3000 | | marinabaysands.comMAKE IT PERSONAL......MAKE IT MARINA BAY SANDSAdvanced technologies will never replace face-to-face interactions, a handshake, a conversation, or an idea shared. And there's no better place to share those ideas than at Marina Bay Sands®, Asia's largest and most versatile meetings and conventions space.Pulsating with life day and night, Marina Bay Sands offers sensational experiences from the culinary wizardry of Asia's Dining Destination, the spectacular brands of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands®, Disney's The Lion King and the iconic ArtScience Museum.Global in scope, intimate in detail, with decades of Las Vegas Sands meeting experience. At Marina Bay Sands, it's never business as usual,it's business done right.