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157A. Rainbow BumperSoft cotton bumper with six ties. Suitable for cot or cot beds. 100% Cotton. h40 x w160cm. A7671 £36B. Set of Three Scatter CushionsBold, knitted A,B,C designs to co-ordinate with the bedding. 100% Cotton. 30 x 30cm. B9189 £34C. Rainbow BlanketFunky colours, perfect for cots, buggies and prams. 100% Cotton. 106 x 106cm. A7670 £20D. Rainbow BouncerWith removable cover, three-point harness and removable toy bar with toys. Suitable from birth. A7212 £39E. Red Gingham Giant Storage BucketPerfect for bedroom and nursery storage. Quilted cotton. h40cm x Diameter 30cm. B3436 £34F. Rainbow Stripe Baby Sleeping Bag100% Cotton outer and lining. Approx. 2.5 tog. 0-6, 6-18mths. A7672 £28ABright Checked Rug Large hardwearing, deep pile rug that fi nishes off a room perfectly. 100% Wool. 80 x 120cm. B3381 £59Rainbow LampshadeTwo-tiered lampshade in bright colours. h25 x Diameter 30cm. B3424 £19Bean Bag ChairsSoft, practical and easy for toddlers to move around. 100% Polystyrene bean inner. Removable, machine washable covers. h43cm. B6679 £42Complete the look...Rainbow NurseryBCDEF | TO BOOK YOUR MARINA BAY SANDS EXPERIENCE 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 | +65 6688 3000 | | marinabaysands.comMAKE IT PERSONAL......MAKE IT MARINA BAY SANDSAdvanced technologies will never replace face-to-face interactions, a handshake, a conversation, or an idea shared. And there's no better place to share those ideas than at Marina Bay Sands®, Asia's largest and most versatile meetings and conventions space.Pulsating with life day and night, Marina Bay Sands offers sensational experiences from the culinary wizardry of Asia's Dining Destination, the spectacular brands of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands®, Disney's The Lion King and the iconic ArtScience Museum.Global in scope, intimate in detail, with decades of Las Vegas Sands meeting experience. At Marina Bay Sands, it's never business as usual,it's business done right.

February 2012 . . 91 the London Business School, which led to of the Fortune 100 companies. He has worked in more than 30 countries, and has coached everywhere from an Indonesian deserted Island to Buckingham Palace. his forthcoming book, and he explains book on presenting.presenter - let's call him Roy - gives a great presentation at the company's Late into the night she studies Roy's and guess what? It does not work. The reason is very simple: Roy is an extrovert. From an early age Roy has been the star of the show, he's always the one who volunteers to be in the nativity play, speech day, University debating society, and company meeting. That's why he's a presenter and speaker - he was born to do it. No matter how often Mary reads the book, she's missing a vital part. Mary is an introvert and yet will still dread getting up to speak no matter how many books presenters are great on stage because they are extroverts. They love the spotlight. However, here's a surprise; the majority of clients, presenters and meeting planners, are introverts. THE CONSULTANTWay of the introvertThe presentation coaching and message planning services out there are aimed at the wrong personality typeOur ever-willing extrovert Richard John spares a thought for the introverted presenter and points any such types in way of another Richard who says presenting coaching books are mostly aimed at the wrong targetsRichard JohnIf you're putting on a conference, there's a good chance that you'll have thought that some of your line up of speakers could do with some help. But have you ever wondered why 'presentation skills' training may not make a difference? My mate Richard Tierney, is an industry veteran who has recently launched a consultancy called the Introverted Presenter, and reckons he has the answer.His credentials are impressive. He started as a theatre techie, rose to become an event producer, then retrained at the Royal College of Art in television production, worked as a video and TV producer for a decade and then studied at the development of his creative coaching company. It equates to a staggering 30 years of coaching presenters from over 60 Introverted Presenter is also the title of why he feels the world needed another "Here's the scenario. An accomplished annual conference. Mary, a salesperson in the audience, admires his stage presence and wants to emulate him. She searches online and, guess what?, Roy has written a 'How to' book sharing his personal secrets and tips for presenting. So Mary buys it. secrets, and put all he says into practice, written by extroverts like Roy she reads."Richard's view is that most professional