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Full page advertRob Ryan has created the first in a series of commemorative artworks. Find out more at

LIVEWIRE14 . . March 2012 The economic climate is not just having a physical, but a material impact on the UK's workforce, fi gures by workwear specialist Alexandra has revealed. The fi gures, collated by the international provider of workwear and corporate clothing, show that people's preferred suit has moved away from colour over the years as the country has become gripped by the economic uncertainty. The statistics, which focus on suit orders across a range of business sectors, from 2005 to 2011, reveal that demand for navy blue, which was the most popular colour in 2005, has dropped while the popularity of charcoal, has steadily increased. Nick Acaster, Marketing Director at Alexandra, who is himself a qualifi ed psychologist, said: "While people may be continuing to rise to the many challenges that come their way, subliminally, their work clothes are projecting a different image, which has become more monotone in line with the bleaker economic climate."Colours such as charcoal and black are commonly connected to depression." A 15 tonne 'Titanic' sign, believed to be the largest ever made in Northern Ireland, has been delivered to Titanic Belfast where it will form a focal point on the plaza around the new visitor attraction. Lazer-cut and made from eight, 30mm thick, solid steel plates, the 4.5m tall, 15m long sign is the same length as the private promenades available on Titanic's most expensive accommodation, the First Class Parlour Suites. The new sign is also the same weight as Titanic's main anchor.Tim Husbands, Titanic Belfast's CEO, said: "Titanic Belfast will shortly open its doors to the world on 31 March, the 101st anniversary of Titanic's launch from its slipway at Harland & Wolff. The effort that has gone into making it, not only an impressive physical spectacle but also an amazing experience inside, has been simply immense."Everything about this project, from the Titanic sign to the 3,000 shards which make up the building's exterior, has been designed to give Northern Ireland an attention grabbing, international attraction. Even the plaza on which the sign sits includes one of the world's Titanic sign for BelfastFull drama as usual as haggis was addressed and Laddies and Lassies toasted at the traditional SECC Burns Supper at Banquetting House, London. Then Ceilidh all the way into the wee hours.After the highland fl ing, it was off to Budapest for a bit of meetings evangelism courtesy of MPI's European education conference EMEC. A healthy UK contingent put the numbers from North America to shame. Merely a handful made the trip from Stateside. Top grade education programme and a trip to the steam baths and steam trains' graveyard were also on a packed agenda. The Business Travel Show brought in 500 hosted and executive buyers to record some impressive growth in exhibitor and visitor fi gures. Paul Kennedy is clearly working his magic at Centaur. Methinks they have a lot more in the locker.Team Mash took a stand at the Event Production Show, defi nitely the bigger part of Ocean Media's co-located collaboration with its UK Venue Show, which by all accounts was a very modest affair, attracting far fewer exhibitors than expected.Cut to the CHASE, and our Online Editor Sarah O'Donnell up at the Business Design Centre to give a social media session. Steppin OutWhat colour is your suit? largest outdoor maps of the northern hemisphere tracing Titanic's route across the Atlantic."Titanic Belfast is an iconic six-fl oor building that will house temporary exhibits, a 1,000-seat banqueting suite, education and community facilities, catering and retail space and a basement car park.