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March 2012 . . 74 We'd go so far as to say that the re-energised Wyboston Lakes will stand even higher at the top of the podium, far ahead in the specialist conference and training venues field. A real jewel in the crown, or rather, many jewels. The customer care, the focused staff, and the dedicated facilities that you only find in a specialist venue. The central location, easily accessible from London but perfect for many other regions and cities. So many organisations come to us for national events because everyone finds us so easy to reach. The vastly experienced, onsite technical and catering teams, committed to your event. The sheer understanding of what it takes to make a successful event, and the drive to make it happen.Wyboston Lakes is in the process of major change over the next few months. With three distinct venues on one site, it has already transformed one of them into a superb hotel and leisure venue, giving event guests and delegates choice they are now seeking: not only dedicated conference and training facilities, but great leisure options that add variety and sparkle to those out-of-event hours. Now we're making a major investment in redeveloping our two dedicated conference and training venues. Already outstanding in their field, they'll soon be offering even more.The Robinson Executive Centre, now being upgraded so that it is even more definitely one of the UK's top venues for high level management training and other prestigious events. A comprehensive refurbishment programme is creating more versatile, and flexible events spaces, new breakout areas and relaxation areas. A place where your delegates will want to linger, enhancing networking and the learning process.Already a popular choice for organisers whose event is very much driven by budget, and is shortly to be refurbished, with extended scope for events and training. Bedrooms are being progressively contemporised, and offer an efficient and comfortable learning environment.In the second quarter of this year, Wyboston Lakes will increase the speed of its site wide broadband service to 200 Mbps, which is thought to be by some way the fastest speed available in any dedicated conference and training centre in the UK. The venue can manage access to multiple clients to ensure successful communications for different client needs.Jewel In The CrownAll TogetherRobinson Executive CentreWillows Training CentreFaster than Bolt?

Wyboston Lakes -it's a real diamond!As the Queen celebrates her diamond jubilee year, she rededicates herself to the nation and reminds us of the importance of family, friendship and good neighbourliness.Wyboston Lakes is a family owned business and throughout our history we have successfully maintained these same traditional quality values. With our customers as the focus of our attention, through nurturing and developing our staff, supporting our local community and using resources carefully to reduce our environmental impact, our business has continued to grow, even through difficult times. We have combined these traditional values with a forward thinking and innovative approach. We have embraced new technology and ideas, and have listened to, and learnt from our customers' feedback, and continued to invest in improving our facilities and services.Like a brilliant cut diamond, whose multiple facets provide exceptional brilliance, it is this unique combination of qualities that makes Wyboston Lakes shine and stand out from the crowd. Wyboston Lakes Limited, Potton House, Great North Road, Wyboston, Bedfordshire MK44 3BAT: 0333 7007 666 E: W: