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Heritage Motor Centre - An ideal blank canvas for conferences, meetings & 12 M40 WarwickshireHeritage Motor CentreA unique, modern environment for meetings, exhibitions and events, offering a fl exible seamless service that is driven by your requirements. MIDLANDS LOCATION OVER 20 MEETING ROOMS FOR UP TO 600 DELEGATES INTERNAL & EXTERNAL EXHIBITION SPACE 5000 PEOPLE SITE CAPACITY EXCLUSIVE USE AVAILABLE CORPORATE BRANDING WIFI UP TO 20Mbps MUSEUM - OVER 200 BRITISH HERITAGE VEHICLES ON SHOWSpeak to our dedicated conference team about your requirements and let us tailor make a fl exible event package to suit you on: 01926 645040* Terms & conditions. Free WiFi up to 1Mbps connectivity as standard, scalable up to 20Mbps at an additional charge.FREEFREEWIFI AS STANDARD*Bath's Historic Buildings2012 Conference Package at the Assembly Rooms£45.60 per delegate plus VAT*(based on a minimum of 100 delegates)Our package includes:. Hire of either the Ball Room or Tea Room and the Great Octagon*. Lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments. Audio visual equipment including: PA*, LCD projector, screen, lectern. Wi-Fi. Event organisers' office*. Dedicated Event Manager and Banqueting ManagerFor further information or to check availability, please call 01225 477786 or email*Terms and conditions apply, please see for more information

May 2012 . . 23 HYBRID EVENTSll types of hybrid car have one thing in common: two power sources. Hybrid events also bring two power sources: digital and live marketing come together to provide a new kind of event fusion.However, when the worlds of digital and live marketing meet, the resultant hybrid event presents both challenges and opportunities for planners who struggle to understand the options available.The digital message does seem to be getting through, however, according to Vok Dams' German-based Institute for Live-Marketing. A 2009 White Paper from the company showed that 40 per cent of companies considered digital marketing to be a vital component in the execution of live events; with 49 per cent using digital marketing to extend the reach of their event promotion efforts. However, a caveat is that simple email marketing was the dominant tool.The trouble is, while these words and phrases are being bandied around, getting clear defi nitions can be a challenge. In a Meeting Professionals International (MPI) research report launched earlier this year, 60 per cent of respondents agreed they would recommend virtual or hybrid AOur very own original industry hybrid, Richard John takes a look at the latest research into hybrid and virtual eventsmeetings, yet a remarkable 75 per cent said they had no formal definition of these and 72 per cent had no policy for handling such events.For beginners, the new technology can be daunting, but essentially it's about considering what social media can be included in all phases of an event. Before the date, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In offer invitation opportunities. Additionally, the use of event apps offer a mobile dimension; and with smartphone penetration expected to reach 40 per cent next year, no organiser can afford to miss this opportunity.The same technology can be used during the event, with interactive event walls and online communities. There are new websites, such as Pinterest, and it is easy for a program such as Videobuilder can be used as a portal for relevant videos on Get your hybrid motor running