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2012June 2012 . . 24 The Honourable Society of the Inner TempleBelgium House, London 2012Offering a selection of ornate rooms and historic gardens, this central London venue offers top quality service to the world stage.Meet, greet, dine and celebrate at the Inner Temple this summer . and beyond.For further information contact the team on 020 7797 8230 or at experience, our expertise.Loughborough University, Leicestershire | 08450 364624 | | www.welcometoimago.com3 star budget hotelBe part of an amazing yearalongside our nation's finest athletesAward winning venues from £28 per delegateInspired meetings, inspirational backdroplike us on Facebook follow us on Twitter

26 . . June 2012June BDRCfeedback to help plan and deliver capital investment. The Net Promoter score for February to April 2012 stands at +91 against a national average of just +50."The Møller Centre ensures key staff members have access to the BDRC Continental reporting portal, which allows them to continuously review departmental standards and prioritise the area's most in need of improvement. The centre uses the customer journey to set targets and offer team incentives based on quarterly results. Lishman said he was "pleased that with such a variety of venues and such a large geographical spread there is consistency across the CCE portfolio". "Peer-to-peer recommendation is a powerful endorsement that we cherish and will protect with continued high service levels, measured by ongoing quality assurance through the VenueVerdict process," said Lishman. pecialist conference and training venues offer better value for money and receive the highest customer ratings, according to UK consortium, Conference Centres of Excellence (CCE).CCE cites interim results of a survey carried out by VenueVerdict. BDRC's customer satisfaction management scheme is designed to benchmark and raise standards. Results compiled from 800 pieces of customer feedback relating to the fi rst 27 out of 44 CCE venues to complete the scheme showed:. CCE venues recording a Net Promoter Score nearly 20 points higher than the national average . 89% of customers saying they were likely to recommend the CCE venue, 9% above the national average. 91% of customers likely to use the venue again, 7% above the national average. 84% of event hosts at the 27 CCE venues awarded a rating of 8,9 or 10 out of 10. Staff at specialist venues are considered more friendly, helpful, fl exible and responsive than the national average. Specialist conference centres are deemed to offer better technical facilities and Wi-Fi connectivity than many non-specialist competitors (free to all delegates in every CCE venue)Venue verdictConference Centres of Excellence gives CN a preview of interim results from a survey of its service levels carried out by BDRC Continental VenueVerdictAchieving the gold standard endorsed by BDRC's VenueVerdict is an ongoing aspiration for the CCE group. Event hosts awarding 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 for quality of food and beverage at the CCE venues is 10 per cent higher than the national averageThe initial results show the CCE venues achieving scores that would put the consortium in the top four brands within the overall BDRC Continental VenueVerdict survey if replicated across the entire portfolio.CCE Executive Director Anthony Lishman said: "We are delighted by these early results that seem to support the consortium's belief that dedicated centres bring signifi cant advantages and assurances for meetings, training and event organisers".CCE member The Møller Centre has integrated the VenueVerdict feedback into a process of continual improvement. "We have seen our client relationships develop as we gain better understanding of their individual requirements," said CEO Gillian Secrett. "We use VenueVerdict S