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TECHNOLOGYJune 2012 . . 45 onference technology supplier Etherlive claims that just 11 per cent of agents and 12 per cent of hotels are "completely comfortable" with technology terminology used in the meetings industry.The results come from a survey conducted among 100 members of The Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA), designed to understand confi dence and attitudes towards the progressive use of IT in conferences and events.The desire for Wi-Fi and a more complex IT infrastructure is proving challenging for agents and venues, it seems.The survey highlighted that 46 per cent of hotels and venues were confi dent with the changing technology landscape compared with 27 per cent of agents who felt confi dent that they were abreast of Wi-Fi and streaming media demands. "The advent of hybrid events and delegates' reliance on the internet is bringing the digital revolution to the fore for agents and hoteliers alike, and we are actively looking to make sure the Association keeps pace with it," says Executive Director of The HBAA, Peter Ducker. Both agents and venues agreed that Wi-Fi was a key consideration for meetings of under 50 delegates. Survey results also showed:. 55% of agents cited Wi-Fi as a prerequisite for smaller groups; 35% of venues stated it was a key consideration. For events of 51 and upwards, agent demand remained static at 55% for Wi-Fi, while hotels and venues noted an IT comfort zone? Etherlive's recent survey of Hotel Booking Agents Association members found organisers are less than confi dent when it comes to choosing the right technology for their events. Sarah O'Donnell asks a selection of IT experts why this is the caseThe advent of hybrid events and delegates' reliance on the internet is bringing the digital revolution to the foreOut of your CLisa Metcalf, Logistics Manager at experiential events agency, Logistik:"The landscape of technology within live events has evolved signifi cantly over the years. It is now seen as a project in itself to manage the different tech channels when organising an event and their integration also means an event can be more vulnerable to unforeseen risks. Lead times have signifi cantly reduced meaning staying on top of several management systems as well as meeting tight deadlines can be a challenge. "Its development has, however, allowed us to integrate social media into events and the use of smart phones and iPads has meant that it can be a truly live event communicated to the world."Gerard Lennox, Director at Symphony Event Management: "Technology, love it or hate it, but can't avoid it today. So how can event organisers keep up-to-date on what they should be investing in? One way is to watch what others are doing or take time out of your busy schedule visiting exhibitions. "Another way is to build relationships with trusted suppliers who work in your industry, especially the ones that you don't have a commercial relationship with. Look at their blogs and websites by all means but also ask them how they would solve a real business problem. After all, technology is a tool that helps you make money, not an end in itself."