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EDITOR'S NOTEJune 2012 . . 5 The task of scaling the meetings Mount Olympus can sometimes feel like a task fi t for Sisyphus, the Greek mythological king compelled to repeat rolling a huge boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down.News headlines can certainly seem like a modern day Greek tragedy and, although there is precious little we can do to alter the big political picture, we can get on with producing great events and making the contacts and deals that can secure a serious legacy for the UK post-London 2012.And what better showcase than next month's Biggest Show on Earth?It remains to be seen how venues' event diary bookings will be affected by London 2012 and whether the halo effect is burning bright or slowly fl ickering to life. There are plenty of opinions in this June CN from the likes of London & Partners and Grass Roots to guide your thinking.Events forced themselves onto the Government's GREAT Britain campaign, at least, with the unveiling of a new creative at the IMEX Politicians Forum to promote GREAT Events in Britain. Hopefully it is one of the fi rst fruits of the new conduit to Downing Street opened by our All Party Parliamentary Group for Events, led by Nick de Bois, MP, its Chairman.The newly released ICCA city rankings show London up to seventh place, proving that, now equipped with a world-class convention centre, the capital does not have to settle for 19th place. The sky's the limit.And it's not all about the capital. Manchester is also moving ahead in the ICCA city rankings.An improved infrastructure to go with the bright ideas and creative spirit should result in a powerful new chemistry to light a way to a new era for events in the UK. Let the Games begin, and let's fi ght for the legacy as well as gold medals.We can all be ambassadors, whether as stewards, volunteers or spectators.Citius, altius, fortius.Editor's NoteNow equipped with a world-class convention centre, the capital does not have to settle for 19th place. The sky's the limit Managing Editor, Paul Colstonpcolston@mashmedia.netTwitter - @Conference_NewsEditorialPublishing Director: Paul DaviesManaging Editor: Paul ColstonDeputy Editor: Vikki CarleyStaff Writer:Sarah O'DonnellJunior Editorial Assistant:Zoe VernorAdvertisingBusiness Development Manager:Kirk ThomasSenior Account Manager:Danny ReidAccount Manager:Scott Pascal-MurrayInternational Sales Executive:Walter JenningsSales Executive:Jack MarczewskiDigitalOnline Editor:Sarah O'DonnellProduction & DesignProduction Manager: Luke Spalding Senior Designer:Claudia CoutsidesProduction Controller: Julia Ball SubscriptionsCirculation Manager:Daniel VerrellsCirculation Executive:Tim PardingtonPublished by Mash Media, 4th Floor, Sterling House,6-10 St George's Road,LondonSW19 4DPTel: +44 (0)20 8971 8282One year's subscription cost is UK £95+VAT p/a, Europe £112+VAT, ROW £130+VAT.Views expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the express written permission of the publisher.Printed by Pensord Front Cover Image: LOCOG

NEWS6 . . June 2012June To HB or not HB? that is the £1m questionCentaur has raised the stakes in the UK meetings industry trade show space by announcing a £1m hosted buyer programme for its Meetings Show UK due to debut July 2013.Centaur claims its "high value, high quality hosted buyer programme" will deliver 1,500 qualifi ed buyers who will be offered the opportunity to participate in a fam trip programme to run after the show. Ocean Media, meanwhile, responded to claims that its Event Production Show had been cancelled by confi rming it was up for sale. The future UK Venue Show, we understand, has also faded away. According to a letter to exhibitors dated 1 May and seen by CN, Ocean informed confi rmed exhibitors of the Event Production Show's cancellation in 2013 and their right to a refund. "It is with great regret that Ocean Media Group Ltd has decided to cancel the above event due to take place on the 30 to 31 January 2013," the letter stated.MD David Moran said the organiser was in negotiations with four bidders to sell combinations of the Event Production Show, UK Venue Show, Event Production Awards and Access All Areas title."Disposal of the events business is part of our process of selling anything in an area where we are not market dominant," he said. The UK Venue Show debuted this year alongside the Event Production Show in February at London's Olympia. The show fell well short of its predicted 250 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors. Robin Parker, GM of Church House Conference Centre in London, was an exhibitor and told CN: "Since the UK Venue Show (pictured right - Ed), I have not heard a single word from the organiser, to either say thank you for exhibiting, to talk about next year or even to ask how the show went, so on that basis I am not the least bit surprised that it is unlikely to be repeated. From an exhibitor point of view the show was very poorly attended."