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NEXT ISSUEConferenceNewsPlease send any information, news and submissions for the Editor's attention to Advertising enquiries to Paul Davies: pdavies@mashmedia.netWith Compass Group UK & Ireland's recent launch of its 'Know Your Food' campaign, the food provided at conferences and meetings is under the microscope more than ever. If we truly are what we eat then knowing the calorie content of food, and choosing healthier options is imperative.Are event caterers providing healthy dishes with information on calorie content? Do organisers request only healthy foods? And how exactly do delegates respond to these healthy options? Is the industry providing a healthy balance?CN's July issue looks at how important healthy, calorie-controlled foods are to organisers and delegates. Conference calories

HAVE YOUR SAYJune 2012 . . 61 Top Tweets @concerto_live: @createfood MD Richard Groves just ambushed on stage by some ladder banging drummers!? #mermaid2012 @orangephoto: 73 per cent of meetings are looking for eco solutions. @EventGenuity: Whoa, Travel and tourism larger industry than automotive manufacturing. @SpinPlanners: #suppliertips - Ask group of unemployed planners to coffee. They'll remember your support when in work again. @SE_plus: Planner + Events + Knowledge + Services = the last event management programme you'll ever need. @DrDLC2b: Had to pull out my #IAEE #CEM manuals for this project! Hahaha.Dear Editor,It is always really disheartening and disappointing when a new marketing initiative doesn't quite meet expectations, particularly when the venue industry is pining for new and unique methods to secure leads and convert sales.The calendar is brimming with events and costly marketing opportunities, which have to be rationalised. Online marketing has helped so many companies over the last four years to really position themselves with strong integrated campaigns, but there is still a need to engage face-to-face. We know exhibitions have suffered and have to reinvent themselves continuously to provide fresh content and impactful marketing to secure the right calibre of audience.It is therefore particularly irritating to provide support to a new exhibition that clearly did not recognise the strength of its position in the market place during the Olympic year. Despite discounting and encouraging venues to reserve their space at the last minute, the marketing of the UK Venue Show sorely missed the mark leaving exhibitors feeling short-changed and disenchanted with exhibitions in general.Whether attending or exhibiting at a show, everyone is expected to rationalise their time, so exhibitions have to work hard to demonstrate value and the UK Venue Show just didn't deliver. While it can take a few years to bed down a successful exhibition concept, the UK Venue Show really did miss the opportunity to secure the portion of the market who were against the move Confex made to Excel. It also missed the grade in fi lling a gap in the market for a show that provided cost effective marketing to venues, suppliers and organisers. We need informative sessions to share our knowledge, opportunities to network directly with key decision makers, channels to glean advice and guidance from industry experts and demonstrative marketing outside of the UK. What we don't need is organisations who are ill-prepared and ill-equipped to launch new shows, when we already have so many which, with some improved positioning, could really sell the UK venue market.Petra Clayton, Managing Director of Custard CommunicationsLettersWhither the UK Venue Show?The marketing sorely missed the mark leaving exhibitors feeling short changed