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London's Ultimate Destination for Business & Sport. Meeting rooms for 20 - 850 people, including The Live Room, our tiered auditorium. Call +44 (0) 20 8744 9997 for a personal guided tour. www.twickenhamexperience.comCREAEDWITH YOU IN MINDCONFERENCES AND EVENTSPhotography © Arup Giles Richoll Photography . January 2012 . 11vent - BIBA Conference 2011, Manchester Central 11 - 12 May The theme of the 2011 event was deliberately chosen to challenge the overall fi nancial picture and the media's focus on the problems facing the economy. The BIBA organising team was determined to look for positives amid the media gloom. 'Opportunities in Adversity' was developed into a graphic package revolving around 'smiley' images; smiles found hiding in everyday objects. The EInsuranceThe British Insurance Brokers Association shows how it managed to increase visitor numbers, despite difficult trading conditions for its member companiessmiley face graphic was used on all materials before and during the event and a competition was launched for delegates to photograph their own found smiles and upload them to the conference website.The speaker programme was also developed to refl ect the overall theme, with speakers and topics chosen to highlight the opportunities open to those prepared to look for them. A series of seven seminars, four keynotes and eight fringe sessions made up the programme, designed to appeal to the various sectors represented by the membership. General interest subjects, such as a workshop for small businesses, data protection and employment law; a case study from the designer of the 'Trunki' brand of children's luggage and a presentation skills workshop, were included along with more specifi c insurance-related subjects. The four keynotes were arranged so that delegates choosing a one-day visit were not penalised, in that both insurance and general topics were covered on both days. >and social media