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ANSWERQUESTIONWhat makes Altitude London's venues so perfect for 2012?Scan this with your smart phone QR code app@altitude_360Best Unusual Venue Events . January 2012 . 17our non-profi t event is a delicate balance of customer/client/donor/member satisfaction and fi nancial viability. The rules of business apply equally to non-profi t events. The more happy customers you have, the more likely you are to generate income for your cause - and justify a repeat event.It costs money to create an app but think positive and think of the benefi ts. As an event organiser, think of the savings achieved by not printing a hard copy programme or catalogue. Today you market your event electronically: the next phase YAn App is for Life.What do you give the delegate who is getting everything already? Something else to make their experience at your event even more satisfying!is to offer an app to your delegates, downloadable free of charge. Offer seminar/keynote details, exhibitor and sponsor information together with details of social and networking opportunities. Create a Show Daily, incorporate press releases - the opportunities are almost endless. Before you realise it, a cost centre has become a profi t centre (sorry - income opportunity!)It is likely that your app will be downloaded by many times the number who eventually attend, making it an excellent advertising medium. For an annual event, it also enjoys a lifespan of 12 months - much appreciated by sponsors and end users alike. Your app provides a straightforward, potentially cost-effective, advertising opportunity for supporters and suppliers.The philosophy of CHASE is to help non-profi ts think, work and act in a more business like fashion. So, to prove the point, CHASE is investing in its own app - to make the visitor experience more fulfi lling. CHASE has partnered with e-mango, the UK distributor of Core Apps products - and at the time of writing, information is being loaded on to the app.