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page 20 . January 2012 . 3he UK charity, association and not-for-profi t sector faces a new and challenging landscape. The government has cut the funding available to the public sector, while simultaneously calling on charities to be more engaged in public service delivery. In the drive to reduce the budget defi cit, this sector is being asked to step up to the plate. Membership organisations are seeing member numbers squeezed, most noticeably the ultra-large unions. This shift comes off the back of the UK's deepest recession since post-war years. Almost 8,000 UK charities ceased activity from 2008-2009 and association closures and mergers are becoming a regular occurence.However, savvy non-profi t organisations will be aware that events provide one of the most signifi cant sources of potential income, aside from membership dues or donations. Many commercial organisations are keen to engage with charity, association and non-profi t membership and donors. Events provide a major opportunity for them to engage and to enhance the bottom line. Whether sponsorship of an event, taking an exhibition stand at a conference or some other form of joint venture, the Step up to the plateThe charity and association sector reportedly accounts for up to 40 per cent of the UK domestic conference market. CN reports with Conference House, the organiser of The Charities and Associations Exhibition (CHASE), has produced this supplement recognising the signifi cance of a sector reportedly accounting for up to 40 per cent of the UK domestic conference market.We hope to offer tangible information and illuminate a sector that can offer maximum return for the benefi t of members and donors. key to success is through mutually benefi cial partnerships. Membership organisations have been more forward in recognising the opportunities via events to generate income. Examples include: The British Marine Industry Federation via the London and Southampton Boat Shows. But events can generate income for even modest-sized organisations; you just have to play to your strengths.Conference News, in partnership TNOT-FOR-PROFIT