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page 20 . January 2012 . 6commerce and the not-for-profi t sector and, thus, for CHASE 2012 we have launched a networking event so that delegates can chat informally over a drink.What is the level of seniority of the visitors to your event? Historically, 90 per cent of our delegates can be described as senior managers/directors/trustees of non-profi ts or professional consultants to the sector.What proportion of visitors are coming to the event to source suppliers and venues for their own events?It does vary from year to year as we cover many disciplines applicable to non-profi ts. We listen to our attendees by expanding in areas of interest such as HR, event management and mobile apps.How important are events to your visitors?In general, if you remember that communication is a key element of most non-profi ts' raison d'etre and conferencing is a well-established means of communicating, then the answer is 'extremely', especially the membership-driven organisations, which these days include many larger charities.If I were a venue or destination what would I get out of exhibiting at the show?An opportunity to address key players in the UK conference market. Statistics show that non-profi ts represent about 35 to 40 per cent of the UK domestic conference market. Exhibitors attending CHASE will not meet row upon row of competitors. It is extremely important that we present a variety of different products and services to our exhibitors. To keep exhibitor categories at an appropriate ratio, we limit the number of stands sold to conference sector exhibitors in line with overall exhibitor and visitor numbers. What trends or changes in visitors and exhibitors have you seen over the years?Let's just say that I nearly tried to run my fi rst show without a computer! The most important single exhibitor category was conferencing for many years, but now technology in all its forms has taken over. Technology is inherent in everything we do these days. Visitors also expect a much higher level of service and an enhanced experience relative to 20 years ago. This is partly a factor of pressures on that most valuable resource, their time. The good news is that even social media cannot replace the face-to-face experience. Is the public sector a big part of what you do?All sectors overlap and interact, especially non-profi ts and the public sector. Many hospitals are big on fundraising, some see housing associations having a foot in both camps. The Trade Association Forum, for instance, is funded by its members, with support from the CBI and the DTI. Make the event good enough and they'll all come. I wouldn't turn away delegates from the public sector. CHASE encourages non-profi ts to behave in a more business-like way

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