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15Visit UsUpcoming EventsMeet with your Dow Jones Indexes representative and learn more about our new offerings at these upcoming industry events.5th Annual Inside ETFs Conference Provider: IndexUniverse LLCJanuary 22-24, 2012, Boca Raton, Florida Provides information on the latest trends and developments in the ETF industry. For more information:www.indexuniverse.com11th Annual Islamic Finance SummitProvider: Euromoney February 21-22, 2012, London, United KingdomHighlights the nuances of Islamic financial investing and future developments in the industry. For more information:www.euromoneyseminars.comInside Indexing ConferenceProvider: IndexUniverse LLCMarch 19-20, 2012, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Provides new ideas, issues and advancements in the indexing industry. For more View our full "Upcoming Events" list at www.djindexes.comHow are we doing?Thank you for reading Insights! Help us to deliver content that you find interesting and useful by emailing us your feedback and article sugges-tions to You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Your feedback may be featured in our next issue!Looking for a past issue? Archived issues of Insights are available on the literature center page of our Web site.Dow Jones Commodities360A leadership conference on the business of commoditiesMay 16-17, 2012, New York City, The Essex HouseAcross two days, leading institutional investors, analysts and top corporate executives will take part in provocative interviews that go beyond the marketplace to uncover the external factors that are truly impacting the business of commodities today, and tomorrow. Key topics will include: Market volatility, and how investors are using commodities as a hedge; China and India's impact on the commodities marketplace, as both large suppliers and consumers; Regulatory policies that impact the purchase of commodities and investment in the marketplace; and much more. Attendees will gain clear strategies for managing the uncertainty that defines the commodities market, to drive future opportunities for investment and innovation.For more information about participating in Commodities360, call +1.212.416.2951 or email Featured Event

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