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Actors Studio Drama SchoolThe Actors Studio is as legendary as the stage and screen stars who have passed through its doors. The Actors Studio Drama School program is based upon Stanislavski's work and the Studio's legendary 64-year tradition of experience, knowledge, and craft in the dramatic arts. Students choose a course of study from among three tracks: actor, director, or playwright. All MFA candidates are trained as actors to create a shared "language" amongst the cohort. Each candidate undergoes rigorous training in his or her own discipline through this innovative and constantly evolving curriculum, which was designed and supervised by the leadership of the Actors Studio, including the Presidents of the Actors Studio, Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel, and Al Pacino. n The only MFA degree program officially sanctioned by the Actors Studio-Members have received more than 150 Oscar, Tony, and Emmy Awards. Students receive the title of Working Finalist at the Studio upon graduation and are invited to be part of the Playwrights and Directors Workshop of the Actors Studio.n Third-year Repertory Season-Introduces students to the industry and the public in fully-professional productions of the work they created during their study.n Students attend the Inside the Actors Studio Craft Seminar and tapings-Hosted by Dean Emeritus James Lipton and observe the Studio's private sessions. "Our Master's Degree candidates continue the legacy of the Actors Studio by completing three intensive years in the disciplines of acting, directing, and playwriting for which the studio has become world famous." -James LiptonDean Emeritus and founder of The Actors Studio Drama SchoolActors Studio MFAPhoto by: scottwynn.comSee full curriculum on page Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs

Career ServicesA network that works for you.With the largest internship program in the New York Metropolitan Area, Pace's Career Services can provide you with critical connections to more than 500 employers worldwide and the more than 120,000 alumni, many of whom hold executive-level positions at top firms. Graduate students receive a comprehensive array of services-all at no cost-including:n On-campus recruiting programs and career fairs that attract major corporationsn Job search databases and access to online job postingsn Job referrals n One-on-one career counselingn Hundreds of alumni career advisers and an instant network of great contactsWith the skills you acquire and our career resources at your fingertips, your graduate degree will pay for itself.International StudentsSuccess in any field requires a broader view. Dyson gives you a global one.Whether you grew up overseas or down the block, our strong international community will add to your experience as a student and as a professional. Pace University has a long-standing commitment to cultural diversity and constantly strives to advance knowledge, while also enhancing mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration. We are home to international students representing 100 countries and making up 6 percent of our total students. In addition to being an epicenter of one of the largest international populations in the United States, Pace has programs and departments to assist international students during their time here.n International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO)-Provides information prior to your arrival; conducts orientation programs; advises on visa and employment matters, legal rights and responsibilities, health insurance, adjustment issues, and personal concerns; and coordinates a variety of programs and activities on campus.n English Language Institute (ELI)-Helps students who are academically qualified to study at Pace but need to improve their English. Courses include accent reduction, interviewing skills, English for Professionals, and more. Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs 15