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Master of Arts in Media and Communication Arts Prerequisites Bachelor's degree; strong writing, verbal and interpersonal skills, articulation of reasons supporting the decision to attend a gradu-ate media communication arts program; academic/professional references; knowledge of basic computer skills. Master of Arts in Media and Communication Arts (36 credits total)The MA in Media and Communication Arts is a 36- credit hour program with a required comprehensive exam upon completion of the program. The program can be complet-ed within two years. Students complete 16 credit hours of required core courses and 20 credit hours of chosen electives.Required Core Courses (16 credits) MCA 601 Industry Communication Theory and Practice 4MCA 602 Writing for Organizations 4MCA 603 Effective Speaking for Industry Professionals 4MCA 693 Internship/Thesis 4Electives (20 credits)*MCA 610 Communications Research 4MCA 640 International Communications 4MCA 620 Media Relations 4MCA 652 Media Production for the Classroom 4MCA 654 Industrial Media Production 4MCA 670 Developing and Designing Effective 4 Communication for the Web MCA 680 Law and Ethics in Professional Communication 4MCA 696 Issues/Topics in Professional Communication 4Total Credits: 36*Other Media and Communication Arts courses as approved by the program director.Pleasantville Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs 27

Master of Science in Publishing Prerequisites Bachelor's degree; a knowledge of basic computer skills is required. Students who are unable to meet the computer requirement at the time of their admission to the program will take a computer work-shop during their first semester of study.Master of Science in Publishing (36 credits total)Required Core Courses (18 credits) PUB 606 Book Production and Design 3orPUB 607 Magazine Production and Design 3PUB 608 Financial Aspects of Publishing 3PUB 610 General Interest Books: Acquisitions (The Role of 3 the Editor and the Agent), Subsidiary Rights, Promotion and Distribution, the Publishing ContractPUB 612 Information Systems in Publishing 3PUB 624 Editorial Principles and Practices 3PUB 628 Marketing Principles and Practices in Publishing 3Electives (12 credits) PUB 601 Principles of PublishingPUB 602 Advanced Communications Skills: 3 Research and Report Writing (by referral only)PUB 604 Professional Editing: Copy Editing and Rewriting 3PUB 614 Specialized Publications 3PUB 615 Publishing Comics and Graphic Novels 3PUB 616 Book Sales and Distribution Methods 3PUB 618 Legal Aspects of Publishing 3PUB 620 Modern Technology in Publishing 3PUB 621 Ebooks Technology, Workflow, and Business Model 3PUB 622 Seminar on Books and Magazines 3PUB 626 Magazine Writing and Editing 3PUB 629 Magazine Circulation 3PUB 630 Magazine Advertising Sales 3PUB 631 Publishing Business Communications Skills 3PUB 632 Academic Publishing 3PUB 633 Desktop Publishing 3PUB 634 Children's Book Publishing 3PUB 635 Advanced Desktop Publishing and Image Manipulation and Management 3PUB 636 Electronic Publishing for Publishers 3BusinessA maximum of nine credits may be taken from the following graduate courses offered by the Lubin School of Business.MAR 620 Consumer and Organization Buying Behavior 3MAR 645 Advertising and Sales Promotion 3MAR 675 Strategic Marketing Planning 3MAR 681 International Marketing 3MGT 627 Organizational Theory 3MGT 686 Organizational Communication 3MGT 681 Interpersonal Competence and Group Dynamics 3FIN 644 Money and Capital Markets 3INB 640 Business in the Global Environment 3INB 665 Comparative Business Systems 3Seminar/Internships (6 credits)PUB 690A/690B Graduate Seminar: Publishing Strategies I and IIorPUB 699A/699B Internship I and II 6Total Credits 36Thesis and Internship Options All students must write a thesis or report on their internship experi-ences. These options are fulfilled in the following manner:The thesis topic will evolve from participation in the graduate sem-inar. The thesis should be an examination of a topic that has been of particular interest to the student, and the essay should display original thought and research. Students working in internships will have the opportunity to acquire practical work experience in the publishing field while studying for the degree. At the end of the in-ternship, each student will prepare a report on his/her experience that will be presented to the faculty in lieu of a thesis.Residency Candidates must fulfill the residency requirement of 30 credits at Pace.Time Limit Students must finish the program within five years from the date of first enrollment. This may be appealed in cases of extenuating circumstances.Certificate Programs Each of the four publishing program certificates can be completed in about one year and the credits will count toward the completion of the MS in Publishing degree. All can be taken online and/or in evening classes held at the Midtown Center in New York City.Book Publishing (12 credits)Students must complete four of the following courses:PUB 601C Principles of Publishing: BooksPUB 601D Principles of Publishing: MagazinesPUB 606 Book Production and DesignPUB 608 Financial Aspects of PublishingPUB 622 Seminar on Books and MagazinesPUB 628 Marketing Principles and Practices in PublishingNew York City: MIDTOWN28 Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs