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"After working as a news writer and producer in New York for many years and meeting so many different types of people, I wanted to focus more on helping individuals. I looked at several other schools, but found that Pace's program is so much more personal than the others-there was no comparison. The combination of the program and the people who ran it made the choice clear." -Amy Levin, MS Counseling '10 CASAC, Addiction Counselor Phelps Memorial Hospital6 Dyson College of Arts and SciencesGraduate Programs

CounselingIf you are looking to expand your professional opportunities and improve your understanding of many different approaches to counseling, Dyson's degree programs provide students with both a strong foundation in advanced psychology, plus specialized knowledge and skills. Our MS in Counseling offers comprehensive tracks in substance abuse counseling and loss and grief counseling. Our MS in Mental Health Counseling prepares graduates to become licensed practitioners. Faculty and courses emphasize hands-on skills development, using role-playing, group exercise, videotaping, and other tools.n Unique programming-One of the only programs in New York where students receive hands-on experience through our supervised counseling internships, which provide up to 600 hours of experience in an approved setting.n Prepared for certification-Graduates of the MS in Mental Health Counseling are eligible for New York State certification in mental health and fully prepared for a variety of professional counseling positions.MS in Counseling | MS in Mental Health Counseling "Our approach to teaching is simple: Teach students with respect. It's the same approach I've found effective in counseling. At Pace, you learn in intimate settings that allow you to develop strong relationships with faculty and other students. You truly become part of a community."-Rostyslaw Robak, PhD, is Professor of Psychology and Department Chair. He has done extensive research on group counseling processes, self-definition, and money and satisfaction.See full curriculum on page College of Arts and Sciences 7Graduate Programs