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Excellence in ScholarshipDyson Excellence in Scholarship Awards are given as part of its continuing effort to promote research, scholarship, and creative activities of the highest quality. The awards are presented to faculty showing exemplary performance in research, scholarship, and creative works by producing scholarly or artistic work of high merit during the prior academic year in natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences and the humanities and arts. This year's winners are:Barbara A. Mowder, PhD, director of Graduate Psychology Programs at the New York City Campus received the award for her continued research in Child Psychology and Parenting. Mowder has written numerous books and articles on early childhood and infant psychology.Distinguished Professor Janetta R. Benton, PhD, director of Honors College and member of the Department of Media, Communications, and Visual Arts in Pleasantville, specializes in Medieval and Renaissance art history, iconography, and fantastic fauna. Benton is an award-winning lecturer and will present at the Schimmel Theatre in the fall on Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance, Rembrandt and the Baroque, Vincent van Gogh and Post-Impressionism, and Picasso and Cubism.Emily Welty, PhDFaculty Lecturer, Director of Peace and Justice Studies on the NYC CampusPolitical ScienceResearch: Faith-based approaches to peace building and development work, East and Southern Africa, ethics and best practices of international aid work, interfaith dialogue, religious non-governmental organizationsCourses: Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies, Reconciliation and Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies, African Politics, Nonviolence: Theory and Practice, Humanitarianism and International AidWhat attracted Welty to Pace: "I am excited to work in a place where students and faculty are intellectually curious and passionate about ideas. While I have lived all over the world, I had never lived in New York City and I am enthusiastic about seeing the way in which Pace students think about themselves, the city, and the world."David Zuzga, PhDAssistant ProfessorBiology and Health SciencesResearch: Cell biology, particularly cytoskeletal dynamics and cell migrationCourses: General biology, genetics, biology and contemporary society, and advanced cell biologyWhat attracted Zuzga to Pace: "The opportunity to collaborate with a number of faculty on interdisciplinary research projects. Working on projects outside of your primary field stretches the boundaries of what questions you typically ask and results in new growth and learning." Andrés Villagrá, PhD has been named Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. He joins Dean Nira Herrmann and Associate Deans Adelia Williams and Richard Schlesinger in the Dean's Office, sharing oversight of the Dyson academic in Review 2010-2011 | 13

The Confucius Institute at Pace UniversityThrough Chinese immersion professors teach from experienceThe faculty members and their courses include:n Linda Herritt, MFA, Art Department chair and professor-"Contemporary Chinese Art"n Rebecca Martin, PhD, English and Modern Language Studies professor -"Contemporary Chinese Literature and Detective Fiction"n Joseph Ryan, PhD, Criminal Justice professor and chair- "Confucianism as a Tool in Understanding Justice"n Deborah Poe, PhD, English assistant professor-"Raise the Red Lantern: Contemporary Chinese Film and Literature in Translation"n Joseph Morreale, PhD, Anna Shostya, and Mark Weinstock, Economics professors-"China and U.S. Economic and Political Relations: Past, Present, and Future"; "Rising Powers: China's Economic Growth and Development," "Political Economy of Developing Nations," "Emerging Financial Markets: Capital Flows, Policies, and Financial Institutions," and the travel course, "From Wall Street to the Great Wall"n P.V. Viswanath, PhD, Lubin Economics and Finance Professor-"Development of Debt Markets in China: A Societal Perspective" An intensive faculty seminar culminating in a trip to China in May 2011, has resulted in several Dyson faculty creating new courses that infuse Chinese language and culture into a variety of disciplines. The seminar program was sponsored by Dyson College and the Confucius Institute at Pace University, which seeks to foster understanding of Chinese language and culture. "Learning one culture is only a start of something much bigger. It's not just traveling for fun, it's about changing minds and welcoming the global perspective," says Confucius Institute Director Weihua Niu, PhD. Leading up to the China trip, the professors attend an eight-week course given by the Confucius Institute including lectures in history, politics, the justice system, media, and arts as well as language instruction."This has also been a great way for faculty to engage intellectually in dialogue with colleagues across disciplines. We've discussed recent hot topics in the media, like Obama's meeting with President Hu and the 'tiger mother,'" says Niu. "It's intellectually stimulating for all involved." 14 | Dyson College of Arts and SciencesLanguage andCulture