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One of the most sought-after choreographers and dance lecturers in the nation Rhonda Miller, has been tapped to spearhead Dyson's new Commercial Dance program.Spearheaded by Critically Acclaimed The new Commercial Dance program provides specialized training for dance careers in stage, television, and commercials in a wide range of styles and forms including ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop, to name a few. It was developed in response to both student and industry demand and will be offered starting fall 2011. "As far as we know it is the only state-approved, university-based commercial dance training program in the country, which means that we are training students for all media, not just the stage," said Grant Kretchik, director of Dyson's BFA acting program. "It really complements our programs in musical theater, acting, technical theater, and directing," said Nira Herrmann, PhD, dean of Dyson College, which houses the Performing Arts Department at Pace. "Additionally it represents our continued growth and innovation in developing arts programs in downtown New York." Professor Miller has been teaching dance classes at Pace University for three years as a lecturer and created the successful showcase, Dance Out Loud!, which just wrapped its second year. "In talking with young dancers around the U.S., I became aware that the one thing that was missing from university dance programs was training in commercially-viable dance styles that would bridge the gap between classical training and the real world of commercial dance," said Miller. "I became excited at the possibility of creating such a program right here in one of the entertainment capitals of the world, New York City. How exciting for all dancers who attend Pace! I truly look forward to the continual growth in excitement for dance at Pace University."Year in Review 2010-2011 | 17

Master of Arts in Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security ProfessionalsThe urgency and ever-expanding issues of public safety and security affect our lives, communities, homes, and families every day. In our post-9/11 world we are challenged to be prepared and every year the security industry and public safety sectors grow by millions of dollars and thousands of employees. Dyson College is meeting that market demand by producing leaders. Innovative Programming and TeachingIn order to make this a program a success, we called on the best of the best, those making the big decisions, immediately on the scene. Our experts have worked with the FBI, FEMA, state and local police and fire departments, as well as public health organizations and private security companies. Our collaboration with the Center for Homeland Defense and Security and the Post Naval Graduate School gives our students access to cutting edge documents and resources used by our government to support the private and public sector. Our graduates' final project requires them to design a large scale public safety managerial plan ready to be put into practice, to prevent crime and terrorist threats, and protect our resources from human and natural hazards. In fall 2010 the Master of Arts in Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals launched, designed to meet the challenges students are facing while they pursue their careers as first responders, health care providers, and public safety experts. Our program not only trains but prepares our graduates for disasters, emergencies, and terrorist threats. 18 | Dyson College of Arts and SciencesProgramming