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History Summit Establishes Travel Fund in Holmes' HonorBy Denis McCauley '79Dyson alumni gathered on the Pleasantville Campus on Presidents' Day weekend 2011 for the 15th Pace University History Summit. Continuing a tradition started in 1980, ten Pace graduates-all students of retired history professor James H. Holmes, PhD-met over a weekend to discuss important topics in history, based on books they had recently read. The Cold War was chosen as the 2011 Summit theme, due partly to the fact that recently opened state archives have led to a wide-scale reassessment of its origins, key events-and its end.The Summit included a special ceremony, as Nira Herrmann, PhD, Dean of Dyson College, presented Holmes with an award for "a lifetime of dedication to his students and to history." It was he who taught the seminar that gave rise to the Summit and-along with his colleagues the late professors John Buchsbaum, John Norman, and William Michaelsen-imbued countless students over the years with a passion for the study of history. A few months earlier, his former students recognized their mentor's achievements by establishing the Professor James H. Holmes International Travel Fund. The fund supports the efforts of Pace students-majoring in history, economics, or political science-to learn about and appreciate foreign societies and cultures through first-hand experience. The fund will be a lasting legacy to Holmes who passed away in June.The 2011 History Summit participants included Holmes, Laurence Bellom '81, Paul Doty '86, James Holderman '88, Kevin Killeen '86, Brian McCauley '75, Denis McCauley '79, James McCauley '73, Howard Shanker '81, and Peter Walsh '86.Alumni Give Back 20 | Dyson College of Arts and SciencesAlumni

Opportunitas for Others: Why I Give to Dyson CollegeDyson College has many donors-alumni, friends of the University, faculty, staff, and students-who give to the College and University for a lot of different, often very personal reasons, but they are all motivated by an appreciation for the benefits a college education provides to people of all ages and a desire to help others. These are some of their stories:Michael H. Classe and Francis C. Classe Endowed ScholarshipPace gave me the leading edge in a competitive world. This edge was a factor in my successful career in the business world as Director of Sony Plaza USA, and the Dyson Distinguished Achievement Award I was so honored to receive. It is my turn to return to Pace a part of my success and help future generations of students. My leading edge came from excellent and well-rounded curricula, an exceptional learning environment, and dedicated professors who all contributed to my learning and my growth as a human being. It was also important for me to honor my twin sons, Michael and Francis, for their successes, and to teach them the reward of philanthropy. Pace helped me and I wanted to contribute so that other students could receive the same opportunities accorded to me.?-?Michele Classe '73Brian E. Gombar Memorial ScholarshipOpportunity is a key word at Pace. It is more than a motto, it is a way of life. Pace provides students the opportunity to better themselves even when they may not realize it at the time. There are two major reasons why I give to Pace. First, the education I received in a small, almost family-like community provided me with the foundation I needed to move on to graduate school and a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. I was a commuter at the New York City Campus from a blue-collar family background. As important as the education I received was the guidance and friendship of the science faculty at Pace, who pointed me in the right direction. Second, my wife Felice and I lost our son Brian to cancer when he was six years old. I never had the chance to put Brian through college. We wanted to do something in his memory, so we established the Brian E. Gombar memorial scholarship. It is very modest, but if there is some small way that I can give a young person some help to get the opportunity to better themselves as I did at Pace, then it is worthwhile.?-?Charlie Gombar, PhD '74Gloria C. Weinstein Endowed ScholarshipI give because I can. I give because I should. I give because it's needed. Few places can provide guidance and direction to help young adults make choices and good decisions. A college campus is one of those places where given the right alignment of faculty, students and a willingness to seek advice and learn where things can happen. A direction can be set, goals established and success measured. Pace provided me with that opportunitas and since then I have felt it my obligation and privilege to help. Money should not be the only reason some succeed and others struggle and it's been my intention to try and help level the field to those that have greater hardship making college the place where things begin to happen.?-?David Weinstein '82, MBA '91 Read more at Contribute your story by e-mail to MEMORIAM Christopher Thomas, James Holmes, David CastronovoMake a difference with your year-end gift to PaceBefore the end of this tax year, help a deserving student with an Annual Fund gift!Make a secure, online gift at to the Annual Fund provide the flexibility to quickly respond to emerging needs and opportunities throughout Pace University.Questions? Call us at (212)346-1232Year in Review 2010-2011 | 21