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that they used to also collect business rates from exhibitions, hotels and restaurants in the area? Central government might also want to continue collecting corporation tax on the profi t from these businesses.What is the agenda? I sometimes wonder if sharia law, and in particular a 'Taliban-style' prohibition on entertainment are just around the corner. If you look at the investors behind the (British) developers it is not so far fetched as it might at fi rst seem. I and my colleagues are currently fi ghting Hammersmith Council and Helical Bar who want to demolish the Cineworld cinema on King Street, Hammersmith, among other buildings.I have objected to the Earls Court redevelopment plans and will continue to do so. It was reported on 16 December in the Fulham and Hammersmith Chronicle as well as Exhibition News that the Greater London Authority has fl agged up 44 breaches of the London Plan in this grandiose scheme, and in particular the amount of affordable housing, the loss of open space, the impact of air and noise pollution and the scale of the buildings. The developers will have to address these major issues, and hopefully they will prove too expensive to remedy. After inviting in the developers to rip up Earls Court and many other areas of Hammersmith (but not Fulham), Stephen Greenhalgh has now decided to retire as leader in June 2012 and leave others to clear up the trail of destruction he has left in his wake.Please kick up more and more of a fuss. - Una Hodgkins from 'Save our Skyline', a residents' group opposing the Hammersmith Town Hall redevelopment scheme.As a simple member of the public who used to enjoy many exhibitions at Earls Court, including the Boat Show for many years, I am absolutely amazed and horrifi ed at the mess which the Mayor of London and the Conservative government are making of the provision of exhibition halls in west London. I have never been to Excel nor to The O2 Arena: It takes over an hour on the tube to get to these places from my home in Hammersmith. Why would I want to go that far? And I am most certainly not the only person to feel this way. In addition, what about the local hotels and restaurants who depend on exhibitions all year around for their business?Of course Capital and Counties want to make a fast buck and Hammersmith and Kensington councils want to rake in the band H council tax from the luxury fl ats. But will they remember READER 41YOUR SAYConcerns over the loss of exhibition space in West London and the tougher Low Emission Zone's impact on events suppliers top this month's letters to the editorTHE MESS OVER EARLS COURTONLINE SAY-SOTwitter postsNY resolution: 121s with the team, all scheduled for this week. Already broken the ones related to red wine and coffee, can't also break this one.Chris SkeithUK's offi ce show featured on the BBC World Service's Business Daily programme. Fantastic!Diversifi ed CommunicationsSocial Media is not decor - I love when people come to me and ask me questions about how to integrate SM into their strategy.Liz KingStatements such as 'I don't think Earls Court is a good expo site' show Sir Peter Hall (Town & Country Planning Association) doesn't know events.Connect EventsSES tip: It's not about how much you can spend on an event, but rather the details that make it sparkle.Derrick SabaterBeen told by three clients today not to miss Spring Fair International 2012. I never need an excuse to attend an exhibition and enjoy a night out in Birmingham.Artwork CreativeFor MMS, 2012 will be a year of sport, music and a better work/life balance. Oh, and a record high M&A deal pipeline.Mayfi eld Media StrategiesOlympia District line has been discontinued except for some shows. Heaven knows how to fi nd out which.MyOlympia BlogMany asking about Olympic resale site. Ticketmaster says they're working on it. No news of imminent solution. Embarrassing? Very!James PearceLinkedIn forumsFor me it is about volume, lack of capacity and interference within the current constraints, and how we navigate through this to give all users an acceptable experience when they're at our shows.- Aztec's John Robson comments on the ongoing concerns surrounding Wi-Fi connectivity in exhibition halls. Why low emissions really matterI am writing this letter as a call to the events industry to be mindful of changes to the Low Emission Zone scheme introduced 3 January. If you are an events company or supplier travelling in a commercial vehicle to and from London, without knowing it you could easily be breaking the law. This is due to new regulations brought into effect on 3 January surrounding the Low Emission Zone which will signifi cantly affect the event industry and especially transport and logistics fi rms.Before 3 January, generally speaking vehicles were required to meet the Euro III standard for particulate matter (PM). Transport for London is producing a Vehicle Checker database where operators can check their specifi c vehicles by registration number. Vehicles are measured by engine energy output (g/kWh), and the new measure has raised the standards of emissions which will cost signifi cant money to meet, if current vehicles do not comply. Any suppliers travelling in and out of London and not meeting the standards will be hit with fi nes of £200 per day on top of already mounting costs such as fuel prices, the congestion charge and VOSA driving regulations which must be abided by. I am all for any initiatives to increase sustainable operating practice but I am interested in the impact this will have on all logistics operators within the live events industry when bringing people, materials and resources to and from events in the capital. Especially in such an exciting year for British events from prestigious sports to royal jubilee celebrations and premium festivals. There are a few changes that people can make to help them meet these standards. The fi rst is investment in new vehicles but this is a long-term investment and not something that can necessarily be done instantly. More accessible solutions are engine modifi cations including conversion to gas, the fi tting of engine fi lters or supplementing the fuel with an additive like the Mercedes-Benz Bluetec system emissions technology.Alternatively to save the hassle and potential implications and fi nes that a lack of understanding can cause in these and other transport regulations, those without specialist logistic departments should contract the work out to a partner business who does this on a daily basis so they can ensure standards are met. This also guarantees that driver regulations are being taken into account with the correct operator licences in place, codes of practice abided by and event sites properly inspected to ensure vehicles can safely access them.- Robin Carlisle is the MD of Mobile Promotions.

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