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EXHIBITION NEWSnewsNumber 1 Coronation Street is set to be givena facelift for the first time at this month's IdealHome Show 2011 at Earls Court. A full-scale replica of the terrace house,which has been home to Ken and DeidreBarlow for 50 years, will be built alongside asecond upgraded property transformed by TVcelebrity and architect George Clarke.According to show organiser Media 10, the twoproperties are aimed at demonstrating howhomeowners can invest in homeimprovements and become more energyefficient. The Ideal Home Refit is sponsored byB&Q while the house is sponsored by Harveys. The modified internal layout is designed toopen up living space and includes a glassextension, loft conversion and open plankitchen/dining room. It will also showcaseeco-friendly technologies such as homeinsulation, double glazing, solar panels andrainwater harvesting. The refit and showcoincide with the first Climate Week from 21to 27 March."There are over 25 million existing homesacross the UK. Many are of a poorenvironmental standard and wouldn't comeanywhere close to complying with the currentbuilding regulations," Clarke explained. "Ifevery existing UK home was given an IdealEco Refit the UK property market would betransformed. "The Ideal Home Refit is a home that showsa broad range of very simple and affordablechanges and ideas to help visitors see whatthey can do in their own homes to make themmore functional and efficient."Two big show stories are featured in thismonth's edition that could have significantramifications for organisers and the statusthey hold in trade and consumer markets. The first was the cancellation of theinaugural Liverpool Boat Show, a much-hyped, highly anticipated event two yearsin the making. Its launch quite rightlyraised questions about whether thiscountry needed a third boat showalongside Southampton and London. Butseveral manufacturers, dealers, the marineindustry and the city of Liverpoolwelcomed the location and concept. What happened? According to organiserMIE, the decision to cancel was prompted by12 large exhibitors exiting at the eleventhhour. Yet EN's investigations didn't indicatethis. What became apparent to us is thatnobody understands why the plug waspulled, or believes the show would havefailed. Yes, it is a challenging time, exhibitorstold us, but the industry was on-board. It's brave to launch an event as big as theLiverpool Boat Show, but quitting so late inthe day and leaving exhibitors in the lurchisn't going to instil confidence in any futureevent. Surely a smaller and more cost-effective edition could have been held,paving the way for growth down the track?Our second front page story presents thenext piece in the saga between theNational Caravan Council (NCC) and theorganisers traditionally in charge of eventsfor its industry and consumers. The NCC's decision to take over thecaravanning exhibition space is a blatantattack on organisers - in particular, Clarionand Ocean Media, who have served thecaravan market for many years. It appearsto be based on the desires of a smallcollection of exhibitors, and fails to takeinto account the needs of the broaderindustry or exhibitor base being serviced. Even more significant is that it doesn'tconsider the impact on the visitor. Forcingthem to choose between two diluted eventsdays apart and in different parts of the UKisn't going to help the industry one bit.Is there a solution to this issue? I welcome your comments. LEADERMARCH2011NADIA CAMERON MANAGING EDITORncameron@mashmedia.netCoronation Street gets anIdeal Home Show makeover2MARCH 2011EXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UKConfex switches to ExcelUBM's International Confex event will move fromEarls Court to Excel London from 2012.UBM portfolio director Jonny Sullens told ENExcel's strong facilities will help Confex expandits global visitor and hosted buyers programmes. "Excel gives us the flexibility to bolt on othersignificantly-sized products, which wasn't therewith Earls Court," Sullens said. Excel's close proximity to London City Airport,coupled with forthcoming transportdevelopments such as Crossrail and theproposed cable car system, made it a stronglocation for Confex, he continued. "The events industry in a lot of ways is movingeast, and Excel and the International ConferenceCentre has put London on the map for hostingbig association events we might not have beenable to facilitate before," Sullens said. News of the show's relocation comes 12months after Earls Court & Olympia ownerCapco announced plans to redevelop the siteinto a residential and business complex afterthe Olympics. Sullens pointed out it could beseveral years before planning permission onEarls Court was approved and redevelopmentbegan on the site. Excel London MD David Pegler claimed manyof its clients in the corporation and associationmarkets made up a high percentage of Confex'stargeted audience.The 2011 Ideal Home Show refit plan

news EXHIBITION NEWSTwo entertainment-based consumer showsplanned in March have been postponed. Media 10's Lee Newton claimed he wasforced to postpone the launch of Got toDance Live because the show wasn't goingto make any money and was a "loss leader".The live edition of Sky One's Got to DanceTVprogramme was due to launch at ExcelLondon from 4 to 6 March, just eight weeksafter initial contracts for the event were signed. Features planned included dance classesand performances, TV star appearances,entertainment and shopping."We were going about it at breakneckspeed, but realised we would be unable to puton a show of the quality we would be proud ofin such a short time span," Newton said."There are enough companies out thereprepared to put on events with less featuresand visitors and still lose money but we'renot. We're having our best year so far, so itwould be wrong to do something that didn'tstack up to be another Media 10 success." Film and pop culture exhibitions organiserShowmasters has also cancelled its newEntertainment Media Show (EMS) due to"major logistical problems". Showmasters organises exhibitions thatallow visitors to meet stars of film, stage andscreen. Its new event was scheduled atLondon Olympia in March. "EMS was our idea to fill the first quarter ofour calendar year," Showmasters MD JasonJoiner said. "Unfortunately, severalheadlining guests pulled out due toconflicting schedules and we don't want torun an event that isn't up to our and visitors'high standards."An edition of EMS is now being discussedfor 2012.Exhibition organiser Imago and formerTouchstone owner David Jones havestruck a joint venture to deliver a newexhibition and conference for the humanresources (HR) industry that taps intosporting team strategies for success.The HR Performance event will takeplace in the National Hall at LondonOlympia from 4 to 5 October. The event is being organised by Imagoand Jones under the new Rock Mediacompany. Jones' former Touchstonebusiness previously organised eventsfor the Chartered Institute of PersonnelDevelopment as well as Times Crèmebut was liquidated in 2009. Imago MD Hugh Keeble said theevent format will be "content-heavy"and include keynote presentations aswell as 45 seminars based on sixstreams. These are: Coaching; Goingfor Gold - Managing Performance;Employee Engagement; GettingBasics Right; Talent ID and Researchand Innovation.. Each of the sessionswill be led by sporting personalitiessuch as Sir Clive Woodward and othermotivational speakers. The upcoming 2012 London Olympicand Paralympic Games was acontributing factor to the show's format,Keeble said. "HR, management and leadershipevents have been very dry in the past,"Jones said on behalf of Rock Media."HR Performance will invigorate thismarket with an exciting, entertaining andeducational two days."Entertainment shows droppedEventCity plots first phaseof exhibition overhaulNew JV andevent championsHR developmentwith sports logic EventCity staff will hold their first commercialexhibition this month and commence on along-term strategy to improve the venue'sfacilities from April. As reported first in EN, EventCity is a new25,000sqm exhibition space launched by ThePeel Group alongside Manchester's TraffordPark retail district. It is currently running as theMuseum of Museums but a rebrandingcampaign online and on-site to EventCity willbegin in March. EventCity sales manager Sarah Mills toldEN work to drop electricity through the roofand down to Halls 1, 2 and 4 is scheduledfrom April, in addition to a new main foyer for its 5,850sqm Hall 4. Longer-term, Hall 3 will be renovated to introduce amenities,administration and catering areas. Oncecompleted, it will provide organisers withabout 10,000sqm of separate space openingonto Hall 4.According to Mills, EventCity's uniqueoperational proposition will be free Wi-Fi on-site, complimentary car parking with over3,000 dedicated venue spaces andcompetitively priced power. "We realise power costs are the mainbugbear for contractors, so we're talking tothree big players in the industry for services,"Mills said. The EventCity team is also in discussions tohost consumer and trade show events fromregional and London-based organisers. Millssaid approximately 20 per cent of showsconfirmed so far were launch events, whileseveral others previously only ran in London."We'll be able to host shows of all sizes andare seeing interest from both consumer andtrade show organisers," Mills said. "Once wehave held a few exhibitions, we'll know moreabout their needs and the right timing forrolling out other additions."Although the new exhibition space inManchester has raised questions aboutpotential competition with Manchester Central,Mills saw no reason why the two facilitiescouldn't be complementary. "We're not interested in conference businessand will be promoting ourselves as a flexibleexhibition space," she added. EXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UKMARCH 2011 3