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respondents are based in the matureEuropean and US markets. But the signs of recovery are definitely there,even despite regional variations. Forinstance, the majority of respondents in theAmericas, Asia-Pacific and Middle East/Africasaw operating profit increase by more than10 per cent during 2010 compared to 2009.The exception was Europe, where only one-quarter of organisers secured that level ofoperating profit. The December 2010 results lie in starkcontrast to June 2010, when no regionwas reaching that level.In addition, 84 per cent of Asia-Pacificrespondents experienced an increase inturnover during the second half of 2010compared to 74 per cent in the first half of2010. In the Americas, 79 per cent sawrevenues rise in the second half against69 per cent in the first half. While 49 per cent of Europeanoperators saw revenue increases in thesecond half of 2010, 70 per cent areoptimistic of expansion in the first sixmonths of this year. Middle East/Africa organisers appearedto be the best off, reporting regular revenuerises across the first and second halves of2010 and into 2011. Asked for their most important issues thisyear, the majority of respondents across allfour regions highlighted the "state of thenational/regional economy" as the numberone concern. This was followed by "internalmanagement challenges" and "globaleconomic uncertainty". Overall, UFI claimed its reportdemonstrated turnover bottomed outduring the first half of 2010, and revenueswill rise in 2011. More than sevencompanies out of 10 expect an increase intheir turnover during the first half of 2011. In the Middle East/Africa, 89 per cent ofrespondents predict an increase, followedby Asia-Pacific (85 per cent), Europe (70per cent) and the Americas (70 per cent).This is despite that six respondents out of10 still consider their exhibition business tobe suffering from the impact of theeconomic crisis."We think this sixth Global ExhibitionBarometer provides a very accurate view ofthe state of the exhibition industry," UFI MDPaul Woodward said. "It's certainlyreassuring to see our industry has nowrecovered in all regions."I think the fact that the UFI Barometernow shows the majority of respondents inall four regions predicting an increase inturnover for the first time since we startedthe survey is a good indication that 2011should be a much better year for theindustry worldwide."EN(increasedmore than 10%)(increased more than 10%)24%31%(stable)EXHIBITION NEWSresearch34MARCH 2011EXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UK23%State of thenational/regionaleconomyWhat are this year'sbiggest talking pointsfor CEOs in 2011?20%Internal managementchallenges19%Global economicuncertainty2%Other16%Local/nationalcompetition fromwithin the exhibitionindustry9%Environmentalchallenges6%Competitionfrom othermedia5%Integrationwith othermediaOperating profits in2010 compared to 200936%(stable)50%(stable)Asia-Pacific 52%19%(stable)Middle East/Africa 64% Europe62%AmericasNote: Respondents were asked to forecast percentage growth in operating profits from five options: Increasemore than 10 per cent; Stable; Reduce by 10-50 per cent; Reduce by over 50 per cent; and Loss.(increasedmore than10%)(increasedmore than10%)

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