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EXHIBITION NEWSletters42MARCH 2011EXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UKLETTERS1LETTERVISITOR FOCUS USING TECHNOLOGYIt was obvious to me that the January 2011Exhibition Newsedition had a number ofcommonly themed articles about theexhibition industry as a whole being hesitantto adopt new technologies and innovativesolutions when there are simpler, moretraditional things to sell.I cite Fish Software jumping out of the exhibitionwaters; the general lack of enthusiasm for on-sitesocial media; the absence of mobile phone-based services; the fragmented approach toinclude anything Internet-related, and thehesitation to move on from the outdated barcodescanners that capture barely qualified leads.The success of an event or exhibitor standshould not be limited by measuring foot trafficonly. Surely we would all agree quality is betterthan quantity. There are a myriad start-upcompanies that offer innovative solutions whichbring additional value to organisers, exhibitorsand visitors. One only needs to see the extensiveexhibitor list at EIBTM. Consider the growth strategy of huge Internetcompanies. Behemoths like Skype, Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Grouponall have a common approach: Focus on the enduser. Build a product or service they will love, addvalue to their lives, and in return those users willgive you loyalty, recommend you to their friendsand spend more. It is proven. Perhaps event organisers should focus moreon embracing innovative solutions to add valueto the visitor's experience rather than focusing onthe exhibitor all the time. Focus on the 4E's:Embrace, Engage, Entertain and Educate yourvisitors so they really want to attend and the restwill look after itself. Exhibitors will be happy andmore engaged and interested decision makerswill be walking the floors.Luke Glen MD, SpotID2LETTERMOVING CONFEX TO EXCELI'm writing in regards to EN's breaking news storyon UBM's decision to move Confex from EarlsCourt to Excel London (ENwebsite, 7 February).It will be interesting to see how the exhibitorsfor this industry event like Excel as a venue totravel to. Excel is a great venue but I havealways had concerns about the jaunt to getthere. Travelling to Excel from the Midlands ishard enough at the best of times to see an eventand only time will tell how exhibitors from furtherafield will react to the journey across London.I like visiting Confex and seeing the changesthey integrate because I think it is a worthyshow in the industry for conference andexhibition venues. But I believe West London ismore appealing as a 'travel to' area than Excelfor event organisers. Once the correctinfrastructure is in place with rail lines andpublic transport, then Excel will be a fantasticvenue for all events. I just think this will take awhile to come into place.It will certainly be exciting to see how Confexperforms at Excel and I am sure it will be lookedat closely by exhibition and event organisers.Luke GallianaOcean Media Group

We don't sound like anyone else. We sound like Buckcherry. We also don't put a lot of bells and whistles and samples in our music, and so what you see is what you get." Still, it's been an intense journey for Buckcherry to get to this point and kick off their second decade as a recording and touring rock band. The group first formed as Sparrow back in the mid-Nineties in South-ern California, even-tually choosing a new name inspired by an early transvestite fan and a great Chuck Berry quote.They hit hard right out of the box with their first album (1999's Buckcherry) that featured such notable rock hits as "Lit Up," "For The Movies" and "Check Your Head." 2001's Time Bomb would prove less successful, and soon early original band members left Buckcherry. Josh Todd and Keith Nelson sol-diered on for a time, but in 2002, Todd de-cided to leave the band, suggesting that Buckcherry was done.Then in 2005, Todd and Nelson decided to revive Buckcherry with a new lineup and to-gether staged a truly remarkable second coming. Released in April, 2006, the band's acclaimed, platinum album 15 con-tained its biggest rock hit yet in "Crazy Bitch," as well as Buckcherry's first ever Top 10 hit "Sorry." 15 went on to spend an impressive 98 weeks on the Billboard's Top 200. The band's 2008 follow-up Black But-terfly debuted at #8 on Billboard and became a #1 rock album.All Night Long was produced by Keith Nelson with Marti Frederiksen, who's served as a valued collaborator for Buck-cherry since 15. "Marti is a great out-side party to have involved," says Nelson. "I try to take off my band member hat and put on the pro-ducer hat, and it helps to have Marti there to bounce things off of. He's really invaluable, like a sixth member."As Nelson explains, recording All Night Long was about Buck-cherry showing up at his home studio and working, literally, all night long "with-out anybody looking at the clock. The process was long by our stand-ards - three months, but it was a totally different approach. The longer we do this, the more we're in-clined to keep re-writing and re-examining what works in a song. But I'm a lifelong believer in the art form of making records. That's a part of my old school can't-let-it-die men-tality, and we're going to keep fucking making records."Expect the solid di-versity for which Buckcherry has come to be known on All Night Long - from the clas-sic arena-sized rock and roll party of the album's title track to the straight ahead rock of "Our World," which was rewritten to include lyrics spe-cific to the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, to help draw attention to the cause.Kerry Group plc Annual Report 2007 Strong market trends towards all-natural healthier ingredients and product labelling continue to create significant opportunities for Kerry's ingredients and flavour technologies. In 2007 the Group focused critical attention on aligning its global infrastructure, comprising ingredients, flavours and bio-science technologies and application teams, to best serve our customers and Kerry in growing their businesses. By leveraging the maximum synergies from this industry leading technological base, considerable progress has already been achieved in American markets. Work programmes have also commenced in EMEA and Asia-Pacific markets to maximise value through effective application of all Group technologies in a strategic approach to servicing customer needs and markets. In addition we have continued to invest in productivity advancements and in facility consolidations. In the Group's selected consumer foods' categories in the UK and Irish markets, our brands have again performed very well - outperforming market growth rates in key convenience and food-to-go sectors. Significant investment in our brands and in product development has achieved good category positioning for Kerry and its customers.Group expenditure on research, development and applications increased to ?145m in 2007. A strong innovation pipeline continued to support the successful commercialisation of new product concepts, recipes and consumer food and beverage offerings.ResultsTotal Group sales revenue increased to ?4.8 billion in 2007. This reflects like-for-like revenue growth of 6.7% when account is taken of acquisitions, business disposals and exchange rate effects.Despite the prevailing currency and inflationary input cost environment, trading profit increased from ?383.7m in 2006 to ?401.1m reflecting like-for-like growth of 7.4% year-on-year. Kerry's success in working closely with its customers to manage the significant cost pressures and its focus on organisational change to maximise business efficiencies resulted in a 10 basis point improvement in the Group trading margin to 8.4%. Trading margins in the Group's ingredients and flavours businesses were held at 9.4% and margins in consumer foods advanced by 10 basis points to 6.6%.Profit before tax increased by 35% to ?298m. Group profit after taxation, finance charges and non-trading items increased by 38% to ?246m. Adjusted earnings per share increased by 7.4% to 143.8 cent.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Chief Executive's ReviewKerry holds an unrivalled position as a leading ingredients and flavours supplier to the food and beverage industries globally and our consumer foods businesses in the UK and Ireland have successfully attained leading brand positioning and consumer preference.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Business Reviews Ingredients & Flavours Kerry is a world leader in food ingredients and flavours serving the food and beverage industry. In 2007 the division performed well in all regions delivering solid growth, offsetting the spike in raw material and energy related cost increases. Total sales revenue increased by 5.6% to ?3,310m reflecting like-for-like growth of 7.8% when adjusted for currency translation, acquisitions and business disposals impact. On a like-for-like basis trading profits grew 7.6% to ?310m, maintaining a trading margin of 9.4% despite the difficult cost environment.In American ingredients and flavours markets sales revenue in 2007 grew to ?1,310m which represents 7% like-for-like growth on the prior year level. European ingredients and flavours delivered good growth and maintained trading margins in 2007 against a background of substantial raw material cost inflation and an intensely competitive trading environment. Sales revenue increased to ?1,339m, which reflects like-for-like growth of 4.6%. In Asia-Pacific markets the Group again achieved excellent results and strong regional market development in 2007. Sales revenue increased by 17.1% to ?425m, reflecting like-for-like growth of 17.3%.REDRECRUITMENTFind your perfect matchProfi lePaul is a senior salesman with a diverse range of experience within exhibitions and magazines. Paul's knowledge of market research allows him to effectively source and exploit new revenue streams supported with a "go getting" attitude he has delivered a high a volume of sales. Profi leCraig is a highly intelligent busi-ness development manager, Craig is adapt to understanding complicated markets and still proves to continually grow revenue and fi nd new commer-cial opportunities. Craig is a person-able gent with great relationship building abilities which has been a key factor in him hitting targets. WLTMAn event organiser or publisher that offers a business develop-ment role with challenging opportunities, Paul wants to dedicate himself to a position that can offer longevity. Salary Exp - £28-£30kWLTMA well established exhibition organiser with a strong brand behind them in which he can begin to climb the ladder of senior management. Salary expectation £40k Profi leVeronica is a hard working account manager with over 3 years experi-ence looking after and up selling key clients on one of the UK larg-est consumer shows. Veronica fully understands marketing and brand awareness and can consult exhibi-tors on the best way to communicate with the attendeesWLTMAn exhibition organiser within an interesting market place, preferably B2C. Happy to sell but wants to be an account manager again. Salary Expectation - £25 -£30kProfi leJayne has over 15 years experience as a senior marketing manager for exhibitions. Jayne has marketed B2B and B2C shows in the UK and internationally and is now looking to run her own portfolio. She has managed small teams before and is ofaye with utilising social media to promote events and add value to exhibitors. WLTMAn exhibition organiser who requires a solid and experienced mar-keting manager that can renovate a marketing strategy. Jayne is a very personable lady who would fi t in well with almost any team. Profi leDominic is a polished Senior Sales Exec who has a phenomenal track record of selling exhibition/conference space and sponsorship. Currently with 7 years selling for a leading organiser, Dominic's sales structure is well defi ned and would hit the ground running in any new organisation. WLTMA small exhibition/conference organiser who would allow him to bring his experience to the team. Well respected at previ-ous employers, he would be a great asset to any team. 25k+Profi leJennifer is an intelligent, persuasive and money driven sales exec with a solid 1 ½ years international exhibition sales experience under her belt. Prior to this she has been selling in non-media related industries. Presentable and tenacious, Jennifer will work hard and knows how to exceed targets. WLTMA B2B exhibition organiser where she can earn good money and utilise my numerous languages and strong face to face skills. Salary expectation £25k + RED RECRUITMENT & TRAININGFaraday House, 39 Thornton Road, London, SW19 4NQtel +44 (0)20 8971 8287 email jobs NEWPlaced by RedPlaced by RedNEWNEW