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ENwas doing some research intoanimal group names when we cameacross a webpage with acomprehensive list. It turns out a lot ofanimal group names are somewhatdescriptive of that animal. Examplesinclude a shrewdness of apes, anintrusion of cockroaches and - morbidly -Rome (it was for research). The hotel isactually, no word of a lie, made out of trash.Constructed from recycled waste by Germanartist Ha Schult (Gesundheit!), the functionalhotel is meant to make us think aboutgarbage. Charmingly, Schult told the press:"We are in the trash time. We produce trashand we will be trash. So this hotel is a mirror ofthe situation." Personally, we think Schult shouldgo into sales.BREAKDOWNThe lighterside of events industry lifeEXHIBITION NEWSbreakdownThis place is a dumpa wake of buzzards. That being said, some ofthem don't really. For example, how muchculture does a culture of bacteria really have?ENcouldn't help but wonder how this couldapply to the exhibition industry, especially whenthe boss asked us why we were surfing the net.Here are some suggestions:A hike of venuesA guzzle of MDsA flirt of PRsA pry of journalistsA whinge of exhibitorsA clamour of contractorsA mooch of visitorsENspecial feature:Avoiding industryassociation woesThe next edition of Exhibition Newswill include a special report onways the exhibition community cankeep trade and industryassociations on-side and avoidcannibalisation of their events.We'll look at how these groupsinfluence the success of the launchand sustainability of an exhibition, aswell as examples of the relationshipbetween shows and their relevantassociations. Make sure you get yourown copy of ENby Get realIf cosmetic surgery and rubbish hotelsaren't enough to put you over the edge,you could buy a ticket to the first ever RealityRocks Expo and Awards from 9 to 10 April at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. It's anexhibition purely for the reality TV industry. Reality TV is a contradiction in terms to begin with.Now, you can go to a real-life event where you canlook at things related to the 'real-life' events youwatch on your image box to escape reality in thefirst place. ENguesses there will be Perspexcovered stands where you can see people arguing, cooking, watching TV, eatinggross stuff and making out. Either that or stands full of rocks.Real rocks. Get it?NEXT EDITION What's ina name?46MARCH 2011EXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UKAn American bridal show last month featuredoptions for 'bridalplasty', cosmetic surgeryenhancements especially for brides-to-be. Canyou imagine lifting the veil on your one-and-only to find a creature with yourfiancee's body but someone else's face? That'show plastic surgery works, right? Whateverhappened to 'I love you just the way you are'?Bride andgloom Haven't most of us arrived at a hotel at somepoint, looked around and thought, "This is purerubbish"? ENcertainly thought that when wevisited the Save the Beach Hotel in the centre of

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