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EXHIBITIONSCONFERENCESAWARD CEREMONIESEXPERIENTIAL MARKETINGHOSPITALITYBRAND ACTIVATION- Situated between the City of London and the vibrant East End - Rare blank canvas coupled with state-of-the-art facilities - 1400m2 of flexible dry hire space- Provides a unique backdrop in which to create your own stunning eventCALL 0207 375 2963 EMAIL EVENTS@WELLINGTONMARKETS.CO.UKWWW.OLDSPITALFIELDSMARKET.COM/VENUE.HTMLPhotograph: Sophie MutevelianA Ballymore Property. Operated byWellington Markets.The magazine for the global exhibition communityIssue 8 | 2011Reaching the peakReed's Mike Rusbridge on his ascent to the top of the world's largest organiserExhibition World The magazine for the global exhibition community Issue 8 | 2011Exhibition WorldSUBSCRIBE TODAYSign up at: The magazine for the global exhibition communityIssue 1 | 2012Access all areasMesse Frankfurt's Wolfgang Marzin on being truly at home in the international marketplaceExhibition World The magazine for the global exhibition community Issue 1 | 2012Exhibition World is the dedicated magazine for the global exhibition community and the only print publication offi cially endorsed by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition IndustryFEATURING:. In-depth personality profi les: Revealing the people behind the business. Comprehensive destination profi les: The countries and cities hosting the world's leading events. Research and analysis: Helping you to make the decisions that progress your businessTHE MAGAZINE FOR THE GLOBAL EXHIBITION COMMUNITY

VENUE 29Olympia's fresh faceOlympia is marking its 125th year with a new-look West Hall, an overhaul of Olympia 2 and a year-long celebration programme. EN takes a look at the changing face of this well-known venue and its futurelympia's West Hall was never meant to last. Built as a temporary structure 77 years ago, the space offered organisers of large-scale exhibitions the chance to get in a few more stands.But like many better-known temporary structures before it (just think of the Eiffel Tower), the West Hall has become a permanent part of Olympia's footprint and retained its relevance despite all the twists and turns exhibitions have taken since. And with the very real threat of sister venue Earls Court's demolition, Olympia's versatility has arguably become crucial to the future of exhibitions in West London beyond 2012.The £20m West Hall redevelopment took 10 months and opened in December. The new-look building provides 8,361sqm across two floors with links to the Grand and Olympia 2 Halls, offering organisers the chance to expand existing shows and improve visitor flow, business development manager Kara Bowen said. The ground floor of the new West Hall opened with the London International Horse Show and has since housed parts of BETT, Toy Fair and the Event Production Show. The Exhibition News Awards 2012 will be the first event held in the first floor on 29 March."The West Hall lasted fantastically well but came with its problems and we realised that the exhibition the first floor is 5.6m. The hall does however retain several of its original pillars as a feature and internal feeder columns for water, waste and electrics."One of the planning conditions was that the pillars originally holding up the West Hall had to be re-utilised, so these now run along the glass wall," Kiamil explained. "The reason is that they were the last iron turned pillars from the industrial age. English Heritage has a great deal of input into what we do. This heritage focus also factors into the cost and a new design."Heritage is a very important thing for us here at Olympia and we are very proud of the fact that we're still going, and still very successfully. It is nice to say they were here originally." The West Hall also has its own entrance off Blythe Road. Kiamil said the Olympia team consulted closely with local residents and show organisers and as a result, was able to start and complete the work on schedule."It was important we maintained the relationship with our clients; right off when we knew we had the go-ahead, we sat down and worked out exactly when there could be impact and whose responsibility it was to talk to the sales team and ensure every client was aware," Kiamil said. "We were very open about the potential of what we were doing and what worked." industry needed us to update that space," Conference Centre and projects manager Gillian Kiamil said. Bowen said the redevelopment also gave the Olympia team an opportunity to weigh the space against what the industry really needs today. "If you have a look back even 20 years ago, there were massive, generic shows that didn't need small halls," she commented. "Now, if you take a snapshot of UK exhibitions, 90 per cent are between 2,000 and 8,000sqm. What we've done is create two additional spaces that allow us to host a lot more of those." Olympia's handful of larger shows also needed more space to grow into and a way to improve visitor flow around the upper levels. Bowen claimed the new layout makes the combined venues more fit for purpose. While several existing shows at Olympia have taken the opportunity to expand into the West Hall, Bowen said a diverse range of new organisers are signing up and claimed 60 per cent of business is launch events. Among these is the Academies Show, which will be held in May.Core to the redevelopment was improving West Hall's usability. Enhanced features include the ability to dim lights individually throughout the upper and lower floors, or flick a switch to blackout the room. The ground floor offers ceiling heights of 5.8m, while O