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forgiven for seeing their exhibition spend as an easy option to cut, freeing cash for sexy new cross-media campaigns while still cutting their outgoings, year-on-year. We all know if there is good business to be done, the urge to exhibit usually wins out, but for these companies brand image is all-important. When the choice is between an expensive 'space-only' option or (what is perceived as) basic shell, they may choose to pull out altogether. If too many headline exhibitors choose this path, the show dies.This is the background to the Kwik Wall solution designed, developed (and patented) in the UK. As a long-time supplier of bespoke stands, we became only too aware of the pressures our clients were experiencing to trim costs and their reluctance to consider shell scheme as an option. So Kwik Wall has been specifi ed as a shell system that thinks it's a self-build. It offers solid construction, fl ush panels of varying heights, an option of fully printed panels, integral electrical sockets, hidden cabling, mounting A/V devices, velcro-friendly panels and so on.We believe this is the way forward for our industry. We have formed alliances with established providers of lifting, furnishing, A/V and so on who can be engaged through us or directly, so we can offer a transparent integrated service.We appreciate organisers have their hands full fi ghting to keep the events industry alive and profi table, but we think a superior quality shell scheme system, offering better value-for-money, can be an important part of the solution to the challenges facing our sector today.- Stuart Pryor is the MD of Kwik Wall Solutions.I read the article 'The State of the Contractor Market' in your October edition with interest. It is not surprising so many respondents to your survey were unaware of the many smaller contractors involved in the marketplace. Most organisers are working to convince exhibitors to sign up and then sell their shows to visitors. The last thing they need is further complications or risk from experimenting with the 'nuts and bolts' of the event. For them, there is too much at stake with every show (there's no such thing as a rehearsal) and the bigger, established suppliers pass the all-important 'credibility' threshold. In my view, an important point is the impact that the accepted standard of shell systems might have on three-dimensional events long-term. As marketing budgets come under intense pressure, the space-only exhibitors - the headliners at most events - can be READER RESPONSE40 SAYAmong this month's letters to the editor are a new take on shell scheme, a reassuring nod to the power of face-to-face and one organiser's slag showFINDING THE GROUND INBETWEENFace-to-face offers more reassuranceHave you ever wondered if all your text messaging is doing anything towards relationship building? Do you miss those good old days when people talked to each other on the phone or better still face-to-face?Before you chalk up texting as the way of the future you should take note of an interesting study conducted by social anthropologist Leslie Seltzer from the University of Wisconsin in the US. Seltzer studied 64 teenage girls who were put into a stressful situation. Then one third of these girls were comforted by their mother's voice in person, one third on the phone and the last by text ( fi rst two groups experienced a reduction in the stress hormone oxytocin and cortisol. The last group showed no measurable differences.While the experiment focused on a familiar voice (mum's), it is not a great stretch to ask whether any human voice would have a similar affect. While that question may be the focus of future studies, Dr Seltzer's conclusion was that "People still need to interact the way we were evolved to interact".One of the key benefi ts to our exhibition visitors is the ability to network in a face-to-face environment. It is a benefi t we know well and continue to promote. This research confi rms there is more to face-to-face than a good business meeting. It also says that it can have a direct affect on the business relationship, which improves when people feel better about the interaction.I am not sure this study has any practical implications for change in the way we operate our exhibitions. I just thought it was interesting enough for all of us to fi le away for a time when we are wondering whether face-to-face still has relevance in an online world.- Barry Siskind is the community manager for UFI.ONLINE SAY-SOTwitter postsMPI UK & Ireland are helping out making sandwiches for the homeless. If we do say it ourselves, we were pretty quick! MPI UK & IrelandRunning events later this year? Keep that large, London-based sporting event in mind. EventsforceWomen are better at parking than men according to a new study by NCP car parks. Think I'll leave it there.Magellan PR's Sue LowryOur EN award entry has been sent - we've nominated Luke for Best Designer (supplier). We think he's award winning! ASPMPI EMEC 2012 research shows sustainability key for members, yet session yesterday was empty. Are we just paying lip service?EIBTM Barcelona"Olympic buyers know that the best deals will be available closer to the Games and will be booking last minute," says Mike Kershaw at the UK VenueShow.UK Venue ShowAre forums making a comeback? eBay UK has 150,000 questions posted on its forums annually and 6m overall posts.Sophie DanbyTough times foster smarter trade show selling. Love this line: "We can't just be pitching pop-ups and plywood."Reveal ExhibitsLinkedIn forums"In our experience, many companies only worry about the stand and forget all about the pre-show marketing of the event and inviting their targets to attend the show. Maybe show organisers could help by offering such services as part of their offering. It seems like common sense, but for a relatively low cost, an email campaign to their target audience should be the minimum."- Cirrus Event Management's Shelly Jones on the ongoing challenge of educating exhibitors on how to improve their show performance. Exceptional magazine edition in February; I've spent far too long reading it already and must get back to organising the 50+ Show...You mentioned weird and wonderful exhibitions. Well, we organise the Global Slag Conference and Exhibition.It started off as a magazine we published to get onto Have I Got News For You (it did, and got a big cheer). However, we quickly realised there was more mileage in slag (a byproduct of metal smelting) and have now run the event in Istanbul, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Helsinki and Bangkok. The 7th Global Slag event will take place in Las Vegas in November 2012.- Rob McCaffrey is the director of Pro Publications International.FINDING OPPORTUNITIES IN GLOBAL SLAG