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ExhibitionNewsENAPRIL 2011 WWW.EXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UKFinancial resultsshow growthMarketing aidsProfessional BeautyLATESTNEWSBETTER BUSINESSOrganisers delve into theirbiggest mistakes andlessons learntCREATIVITYSingle Market Events'Tim Etchells on globalevents expansionEarls Court plan revealedEarls Court owner Capital and Counties(CapCo) has detailed its seven-phasemasterplan for redevelopment of the 77-acresite including proposed dates for thedemolition of the Earls Court exhibition centres. The news coincides with Earls Court andOlympia's (EC&O) decision to take exhibitionbookings at both Earls Court 1 and 2 inSeptember following its 2012 Olympic Gamescommitments. CapCo's masterplan, exhibited in March aspart of a public consultation process, sees EarlsCourt 1 bulldozed in Q3, 2012 under phase twodevelopment of Earls Court village. Phase oneinvolves developing Seagrove Road car park forresidential and commercial use. Work on the area incorporating Earls Court 2isn't expected to commence until at least 2015,raising questions on whether EC&O can takebookings in that venue until then. EC&O commercial director Anna Golden toldENthe potential of using Earls Court 2 as astandalone facility is being investigated, butpointed out the venue was reliant on EarlsCourt 1 for several services including powerand catering. Development on other areaswithin the 77-acre site could also hinderlogistics and visitor footfall. Dates for CapCo's seven-phase approachare dependent on CapCo gaining planningapproval for its masterplan, which will besubmitted in June. In the meantime, work hasbegun on expanding Olympia London toensure the venue can accommodate showsrelocated from Earls Court longer-term. Despite the demolition deadline, EC&Oconfirmed it is taking exhibition bookings inSeptember 2012 at Earls Court 1 and 2. "It is important for organisers and staff toknow that while there is an opportunity tocontinue running Earls Court, CapCo wishes todo that," Golden said. "We are working withorganisers on the future of an enhancedOlympia, but we have to make sure plans arein place if Earls Court continues." CapCo owns approximately 40 per cent ofthe 77-acre site including the Earls Court andOlympia venues. Other stakeholders areTransport for London and the LondonBorough of Hammersmith and Fulham. As well as the Earls Court exhibition centres,the masterplan site encompasses railwaylands, West Kensington and Gibbs Greenhousing estates.Check out EN's report on CapCo's strategicintentions for Earls Court on page 17.Liverpool to build £40m venue ACC Liverpool has been granted £40m byLiverpool City Council to build an exhibitionvenue alongside the Echo Arena and BTConvention Centre. The purpose-built facility will have threeinterconnected and pillar-free halls of2,700sqm, or 8,100sqm total. Each hall will offeradjustable ceiling heights to provide flexibilityfor banquets and concerts. The proposed planalso includes a 200-bed hotel, covered walkwayand concourse and a sky bridge. ACC Liverpool expects work to commence inearly 2013 with live exhibitions taking placefrom September 2014. The venue is being builtby Liverpool City Council and ACC Liverpool.Echo Arena GM Tim Banfield told ENit is keento work with UK exhibition organisers on thebest facilities to deploy and spied opportunityfor national and smaller regional organisers. "The North West is undersupplied byexhibition space," Banfield claimed. "There areno purpose-built facilities in Liverpool; up untilEventCity's launch there was only 10,000sqmof space at Manchester Central. We want toopen Liverpool to the exhibition industry."ACC Liverpool now offers 7,125sqm ofexhibition space across the Echo Arena floorand the BT Convention Centre. ACC Liverpoolopened in 2008 and has contributed £400m tothe local economy, or £100m per annum.."There is demand for standalone exhibitionsthat Liverpool has not been able to satisfy,"ACC Liverpool CEO Bob Prattey told EN. "Thisannouncement is a bold decision from the CityCouncil that recognises the economic benefitsof an exhibition venue in Liverpool."Prattey said architects will need to considerthe site's proximity to the World Heritage-listedAlbert Docks. He anticipated the venue couldattract 40 to 45 trade and consumerexhibitions annually within its first three yearsof operation. The 7-phase plan: EarlsCourt village (red) is due fordevelopment in Q3 2012

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