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EXHIBITION NEWSbetter businessTaking stock of your business mistakes can help you find show successlong-term. Nadia Cameronasks exhibition organisers to own up to theirbiggest errors in judgment and the lessons they took away.Learningfrom their mistakes30APRIL 2011EXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UKMistake: An act or judgementthat is misguided or wrong;something, especially a word,figure or fact, which is not accurate; aninaccuracy; be wrong about; wronglyidentify someone or something; inerror. From Old Norse mistaka; take inerror- Oxford Dictionary.Everybody makes mistakes, right? We'rehuman after all. And unless you fail, how areyou ever going to figure out what success is oravoid making mistakes next time?The exhibition industry landscape is strewnwith errors and misjudgements: Fromunsuccessful and unprofitable shows, to goodbut mistaken ideas that failed to launch and therelationships that turned sour because ofmiscommunication or insufficient knowledge. Every failure can help us create strongeropportunities and successes next time. ENasked several of our industry's leaders toadmit their show mistakes but moreimportantly share the lessons that came outof them.