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Visit fi nd a supplier in seconds!Exhibition News has added an online directory to its website to help you fi nd suppliers and venues.ORGANISING AN EXHIBITIONJUST GOT EASIERDo you want to reach exhibition organisers in buying mode? For details on how you can be listed in the online directory contact Jaime Linin on +44 (0)20 8971 8282.

Isat in the audience at the recent AEOConference listening to a presentation fromthe MD of experiential market agencySense, Nick Adams, with my head in myhands. The reason? Organisers aren'tproviding enough data to clients.Nick was explaining how in 2010, with £1mof client money in his back pocket, hedecided to book space at a series ofexhibitions throughout the year. Theexhibitions were felt to be a great success. As a top experiential agency, and after everylive marketing activity, Sense always provides itsclients with detailed customer contact analysisand ROI report. It was no different after thisseries of exhibitions its client exhibited at. Sensetherefore contacted all the different exhibitionorganisers to obtain information on visitorprofiles, so that it could prepare its clientcontact/brand engagement report.For Sense, such a report is essential. Theagency will not undertake any experientialmarketing activity without having in place adetailed customer engagement/ROI model.Sense is not alone in this; the vast majority ofexperiential agencies do the same as theyrecognise that providing clients with ROI datais vital to retaining business.This might go some way to explaining whyexperiential agencies have been sosuccessful over the last decade. At the end ofeach experiential activity, the client'smarketing department receives a detailedreport on what it has achieved. Of coursemarketers love this as it helps prove theyhave spent money wisely. But perhaps moreimportantly, it also convinces them and theirclients to carry on spending marketingpounds in this sexy media called experiential. Sense eagerly awaited the data it hadrequested from exhibition organisers so itcould go about the work of demonstratingwhat a fantastic success exhibiting had been.In addition, the marketing agency planned touse the results to advise the client repeat theexercise next year.After several months of chasing, andplacing irritating phones calls, it becameclear to Sense that the organisers were notgoing to furnish it with the data required.Thisis scandalous. Nick rightly used his presentation at theAEO Conference to urge organisers to work inpartnership with agencies and helpencourage marketers to book and rebookstand space. Nick shouldn't have needed toask; organisers should be ramming datadown his throat and asking if there is anythingmore they can do.Either organisers do not recognise theimportance of providing such visitor data, orthey are concerned that providing this data toagencies will be somehow damage theirbusiness. Several organisers also don't havethe kind of data required. Whatever thereason, it is just plain wrong.Not only should organisers be providingdetailed analysis to agencies we should, ofcourse, be giving it to all our exhibitors inmuch the same way experiential agencies dofor their customers.Wouldn't it be cool if every exhibitorreceived a report at the end of everyexhibition that showed how many visitorsattended, a visitor profile, how many of themwalked past their stand and came onto thestand, what visitor dwell time was and so on?This would provide the measurementsmarketers so desperately want and of courseneed to help justify current and future spendon exhibitions.There is plenty of new technology in ourmarket making this possible today. It's abouttime we changed the way we prove the worthof our shows.ENindustry view EXHIBITION NEWSEXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UKAPRIL 2011 35Proving our worthSTAFF YOUR EVENT WITH CONFIDENCE!The Intelligent Staffing SolutionLeon Hidderley 02476 150 662. University educated, reliable and flexible workforce. Fast, efficient, Nationwidecoverage. . A cost effective solution for ALLof your eventsWe can supply a range of staff including:. Stewards. Box Office Staff. Stand Assistants. Porters/Preparation Assistants. Cashiers. Interpreting StaffThe Association of Event Organisers CEO Austen Hawkins urges theexhibition organiser community to step up its data and research game tohelp forge better client and agency partnerships.