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appointments EXHIBITION NEWSEXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UKAPRIL 2011 43Exhibition veteran David Wilkins has bought astake in Foxglove Events. He has 20 years'industry experience and was behind FootwearUK, which rebranded to Moda and was sold toITE. Wilkins was also MD of Insight Exhibitions(formerly Dew Events) and ran the Sandwichand Snack Show in Paris. Foxglove was foundedin 2003 and runs the Designer Wedding Showand Modern Bride. Melville's Becky Drinkwater (1) has beenappointed Middle East exhibition accountmanager after 10 years with the contractingcompany. She joins a 40-strong team of peopleacross Abu Dhabi and Dubai.UBM Live has selected Nick Ornstienas itsnew portfolio director for food. Ornstien'sresume starts with a sales stint at ReedElsevier followed by PennWell Corporation'sGlobal Energy Group, then his own mediaconsultancy business specialising in eventsand publishing. The newly merged Opex Group/Early ActionGroup has announced a couple of staffchanges. Deputy chairman Neil Jacksonisstanding down from June on extended leave.He is joining the crew of a round the worldyacht race and not expected to return until2012. Opex/EAG has also appointed NickCaplan(2) as non-executive chairman. Hewas most recently at technology servicescompany Logica and is also chairman of IToutsourcer Managed Networks, a non-executivefor banking software company FinLogix, andruns a financial business.Event Services and Supplier Association (ESSA)has created a new account manager's role.Andrew Harrison(3) will be tasked withsupporting existing members and managinginternal communication. He joins ESSA from theAudit Bureau of Circulation (ABC). Aberdeen Convention Bureau has recruitedformer VisitScotland visitor service team leader,Suzanne Matthew(4), as a business tourismexecutive. She is responsible for bringing newbusiness into Aberdeen.Kate Cobyhas joined Lime Venue Portfolio assales and revenue manager at London'sStationers' Hall. She was most recently seniorsales coordinator at The Churchill War Rooms.New merged entity Universal WorldEventshas revealed its full management team toprovide events to the healthcare market.Martin Parry, formerly CEO of WorldEvents, isalso on the boardwith strategicprojectresponsibilities. Theteam consists of:Graham McIntosh-MD; Denise Abbott -UK countrydirector;Gary Dickinson - CEO Americas;AdamGordon- VP business development, TheAmericas; Mark Saxby- sales and marketingdirector; Andy Tattersall - operations supportdirector; Jeremy Wilson - finance director andAndrew Winterburn- director Europe. TMB Marketing and Communications hasappointed former Grass Roots accountdirector Julie Yorke (5) as operations directorwithin its expanding marketing servicesdepartment.PEOPLEON THE MOVEnew appointments1What do you enjoy most about theexhibition industry? It's a perfect space for entrepreneurs, fullof opportunity and colourful characters.Events are the real social media and liveplus digital really does promise anexciting future. What frustrates you? That I'm not able to publicly say whatfrustrates me.What is your proudest achievement? Launching The Exhibiting Show andmaking it profitable in year one.Repositioning Energy Solutions Expo andselling it to UBM would be a close second.Third would be scoring more goals at UptonPark in the Mash Media Football tournamentthan my team mate and ex-West Ham playerSteve Potts did in his entire career. If you weren't in this industry, whatwould you be doing? I'd be a stand-up comedian or writing a blogreviewing quality US TV shows. Who do you admire most in the industry? David Walley, Richard Pegler, Andrew Evans,Laura Moody, Hugh Keeble, Rob Mackenzie,Paul Grecian....How long have we got? Icould name another 20 people who inspireme every time I collaborate with them and Ialready feel guilty about not naming them.What's the best piece of adviceyou've ever been given? Fail quickly. This advice was courtesy ofStephen Brooks (MD, Mack Brooks), and Iwish I'd taken notice. Brian Wiseman (WiseGuys Consultancy) has also given mesome good advice but I'm not sure it'sentirely work-related.What's the funniest moment you haveever had at work? It involved a massive business pitch, amassive tear in the seat of my trousers Ididn't know about, a pretty French girlwho was appreciative of the tear and themassive mischief of Andrew Evans. It wasmassively funny for everyone else.MOVERS AND SHAKERSCommercial director, 360Creative Event Services2345SimonBurton

EXHIBITION NEWSgalleryA collection of the industry's brightest and most celebrated stars cametogether to celebrate their successes and renew old friendships at the first-ever Blenheim Group reunion at The Enterprise Hotel. Blenheim rides againRight: Clarion's Duncan Reid(left) and Centaur's PaulMacdonald have a laughBelow right: Arran Coole andMatt Coyne from event co-sponsor ASP Events with UBMLive's Mark SnellAbove: Guests aretreated to oldphotos and videofootage ofBlenheim Centre and below:Former Blenheimstaffers share oldand new storiesover a glass or twoof wineAbove: Brian Wiseman with Mash Media'sMark BrewsterRight: The boys are back in town44APRIL 2011EXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UK