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If that isn't the set-up for a summerblockbuster film,what is?Excel owner ADNEC Group aims to introducea fleet of killer concierge robots at the AbuDhabi National Exhibition Centre to destroy allhumans help visitors find their way around thesprawling venue, deliver visitor informationand even guide them to stands and other keylocations. The company trialled a prototype of REEM(which we can only assume stands for RovingExtermination and Evisceration Machine)during this year's International DefenceExhibition and Conference (IDEX 2011).Does anybody else harbour a guilty wishthat they had run amok? After all, unveilingthe pilot project at IDEX means there werepiles of weapons, explosives and other toysjust lying around. The robots are even programmed torecognise faces, meaning they could havepotentially decided to hunt down specifictargets who attended or opened the show. ENcan't help but question the accuracy ofscience after 'research' by flight search engineSkyscanner revealed almost half of surveyedpassengers flirt during a flight. A third claimedto have followed up with an on-the-groundliaison and eight per cent led to a relationship.A different survey found one in five travellersbelonged to the Mile High Club, of which half hadjoined with a stranger met on-board..How can these numbers possibly be true? ENhas been on a lot of airplanes and not once havewe been seduced by a gorgeous stranger. Infact, there has never been a gorgeous strangernearby. We could understand if these were thedays when all anyone had to do was smokecigarettes, but give us one of those little winebottles and Hot Tub Time Machineand we won'teven look at who's in the next seat over.BREAKDOWNThe lighterside of events industry lifeEXHIBITION NEWSbreakdown46APRIL 2011EXHIBITIONNEWS.CO.UKRise of the machinesGettin' it on-boardUrban mythHave you ever heard It'sbasically an online dictionary whereanyone can make an entry or define aword. It's like a dirtier Wikipedia. Doyou have adolescent children youcan't understand? You can probablyfind what they mean here. ENstumbled across a few industry-related slang terms we hadn't heardbefore. Here are some of our favourites.Booth jockey:One who spends a lot oftime behind the table at any type ofconvention or trade show. One whoworks a lot of convention booths.1) "Man, look at that guy, he looksbored just standing there all day" 2) "You know, the life of a booth jockeyis not that easy"Expo: A place where enthusiasts andyuppies go to sign up for junk mailadvertising the latest whatever.That and swipe samples ofstuff. It's also a place tohook up with an exhibitorfor some "out of townfun".Tsotchke:Free goodsgiven by companies toconsumers, buyers,trade show participantsor other targetaudiences to promotebrand recognition orcustomer loyalty."The tsotchkes at thistrade show are lame. I haveenough pens and sticky notepads to last a lifetime."OMFGStop what you're doing! Dates havebeen confirmed for the UK Onion and CarrotConference! Onions and Carrots!Oh, sweet merciful Jesus, it'sfinally here! The single mostexciting event in the entireindustry! Check your rabbits atthe door! Make sure to stop byold Mister McGillicuddie'sstand for some fresh-squeezed, vitamin-filledonion juice! Don't forget toloudly and breathlessly spreadthe word to everyone you see on thestreet! Prepare to be in awe on 17 Novemberat KingsGate Conference Centre,Peterborough.