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16 maY 2011 factors contribute most to an exhibition brand? Is it location, celebrity factor, hook-ups with existing TV or product brands, slick marketing or intelligent use of your show floorplan? And does brand mean as much for a trade show as a consumer one? We asked three organisers.what factors contribute to making a show brand appealing? susanna bakerGroup marketingmanager centaur travel Group It's not just B2C events that need to invest in their brands. A successful trade brand can strongly influence purchases or decisions and the smallest events can create an influential brand if they are able to achieve four things: Relevance, credibility, consistency and differentiation.Centaur has been running the Business Travel and Meetings Show for 17 years but we have had to change with the market to stay up to date. The sales and marketing teams regularly talk to our exhibitors, visitors and their intermediaries to understand the challenges they face. The show continues to gain credibility in the marketplace. It's easy enough to create the values for your event - for example, quality audience, best deals for visitors, premium customer service - but the important bit is delivering them to prove your brand is credible. Credibility grows with consistency. We need to deliver on our brand promise year after year. And this is an issue when we have to wait months or sometimes years to deliver our promise. At Centaur Travel Group, we have invested in building up a business travel community so we can communicate and prove our values more frequently. Activities include Business Travel Update, a monthly e-newsletter. We have a Linked-in group BT Club with over 2,500 members and we hold BT Club events in London and Amsterdam every other month. We now have more 'touch points' with our market throughout the year to prove our event's worth, enabling our brand to be more consistent in a quicker timeframe. The Business Travel and Meetings Show has competition from all sides and levels. Luckily, we have unique selling points we can hang our hat on such as BTMS Connect - our online appointment and social media platform. But we are constantly looking at ways to differentiate and stand out from the crowd. All that's needed to create a strong event brand is the investment to make it relevant and unique - as well as delivering on your promise time and time again. Easy!James Goodeevent director of Golf Live brand eventsOur Golf Live brand delivers a genuinely unique event through the ability for amateur golfers, our visitors to engage with some of the world's best players, coaches and golfing celebrities in intimate theatres designed and created on the golf course. Interacting with the talent in this manner sets the event apart from tournaments, indoor exhibitions and corporate golf days and gives a feeling of exclusivity. Building the Golf Live brand, however, is something we recognise will take time and will have a set of key principles set against it: Entertainment; the best golf celebrity endorsement and interaction; and overwhelming unique golf content for a targeted audience. With any show, consumer recognition of brand identity is key to its success. Potential visitors might consciously acknowledge the event name through touch points but will not adopt it as one they should attend without a true understanding of what the event delivers. In 2011 Golf Live is undertaking a Sky Sports campaign to help bring the concept of the event to life.In order to make a brand famous, I believe there are primary and secondary activation routes that need to be achieved. Primary routes fall in line with standard marketing principles that all shows adhere to. However I think the secondary route is more interesting as it is more strategic than tactical. Golf Live is only in its second year, therefore building advocacy-style relationships is massively important in order to grow the number of consumer and trade ambassadors. We are working hard with influential companies and organisations in the industry and also year one visitors that understood the event so they proactively promote the show.Good and honest hard work should help this event eventually prevail on a global stage.andy Vaughanevent directorubm built environmentI think a strong underlying theme to an exhibition can really strengthen a show brand, offering a core strategy that is intrinsic within feature areas, seminars and the products showcased. For example, kbb [kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms] London has a theme of innovation this year and we have endeavoured to ensure that everything within the show is synonymous to the values of our brand. We have also used celebrities to add some buzz and credence to the event, but they should only be used to reinforce brand values and not just for the sake if it. For example, we have Naomi Cleaver and Oliver Heath involved who are well known in their own right but are also respected as leading interior designers. Branding is crucial at trade shows. A great brand hooks your customer and gives them that extra security and belief, which is essential in these tough economic climates. In an ideal world, the organiser should drive the brand through their own PR and marketing campaigns, but the show partners, associations and customers should reinforce the brand through referrals and marketing activities to ensure it is respected in all corners of the industry. It is worth implementing time and research into assessing the right brand identity for your show. In my opinion, brand values used correctly can inspire confidence and excitement, which can be a winning formula in a climate that breeds uncertainty and apathy. ENQIs there a sure-fire recipe for a successful show brand? EN asks event industry personalities to share their thoughts and experiences. Show brandingExhibitioN NEwS head-to-head

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