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* Sponsored Networking Bars * VIP & Exhibitor Lounges * Feature Zones * Delegate Bags * Stand AttractionsShowman'sShowTheThe UK's original and most comprehensive exhibition of products, entertainment andservices for the outdoor event industryFor exhibitor and visitor information contact:Lance Show & Publications Limited Courtyard Office, The Courtyard, Parsons Pool, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8APTel: 01747 854099Fax: 01747 Outdoor EventServices Exhibition201119& 020 7361 2220AT YOUR SERVICE At the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea the Conference and Events Team is at your service. We aim to provide an exceptional and unmatched level of assistance appropriate to our quality venues.Our industry awards, accreditations, repeat business and customer feedback pay tribute to our achievementsof which we are justifiably proud. We offer: lFlexible exhibition and conference facilities lSuperior qualityand service lCentral London location lDDR from £25 lNo hidden extras10429_The Exhibition News_Layout 1 05/05/2010 16:24 Page 1

How did you get into the exhibition industry?I came into the industry 18 years ago on the finance side when I joined Blenheim, which was the biggest global exhibition organiser at the time. Blenheim chairman Neville Buch was the first to recognise exhibitions were brands that could be bought and sold and he created a very exciting market place. I was there for three years until the company was taken over by UBM then stayed on for 18 months as the businesses came together. What was interesting was that Blenheim had bought lots of other companies and it was the first time I was on the other side of that experiencing how things change. Buch then set-up Tarsus and asked me to be the first employee. We had a small amount of money in the bank and no exhibitions, so we invested in a public company and started to build the business. Over the 12 years we have been in existence, we have done five major brand acquisitions. Unlike Blenheim, which was a creature of its time and had over 200 exhibitions in 50 different markets, what we wanted to do with Tarsus was to be smaller and nimbler. We also wanted more than just exhibitions including the magazines, conferencing and Internet properties relating to that sector: Rather than be a mile wide, we were going to be a mile deep. What was your first exhibition brand?The first business we bought was Labelexpo, which had three exhibitions in Brussels, Chicago and Singapore and a UK magazine. That business has developed into 10 exhibitions, the magazine is in numerous languages and there are lots of other products including conferences. In 1999 we bought a discount clothing business in America, which a lot of people had looked at but didn't want to buy as it was a tent in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas. Most people wanted to be in high-end fashion, and our purchase was before the low-end market became what it is today. Now, about 40 per cent of all clothing in America is bought through discount retailers and our trade show has grown dramatically as a result. It has been a very interesting acquisition because we saw that market early, and we have benefitted from its growth.Our next step was France in 2000 and we have built our business into the third largest there. When the recession hit in 2001, we stopped acquisitions and it wasn't until 2006 that we made a big acquisition of a medical business in America focused on anti-ageing. That has been the biggest purchase to date at US$50m (£30.72m). In 2007, we also bought the Dubai Air Show and we're now one of the top four organisers in the Middle East. Going forward, what we want to do is build more of our business in emerging markets including the Middle and Far East.Was there ever an intention to build significant business in the UK?We have a small business in the UK but the UK exhibition market is a bit like the UK car market: You are only ever going to make money if you're at the top end, niche or you have a lot of volume. Was there a consistent strategy behind picking which markets to enter? What we like are markets where there are lots of dynamic changes going on, or geographical change. In the low-end clothing market for Spotting market growthDoug Emslie is the MD of UK-based, internationally placed Tarsus Group. He catches up with EN to discuss his company's growth trajectory, emerging markets and why exhibition organisers need to get back to the visitor. 18 may 2011 newS interview