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better business exhibition maY 2011 33Show: Hospitality 2011For Hospitality 2011, Fresh RM set out to improve its sustainability in three areas: Waste and use of resources; education of stakeholders and exhibitor costs. Targets ranged from decreasing paper usage and recycling to increasing visitors coming to the show on public transport and communicating costs and benefits to suppliers and exhibitors. hospitality 2011 achievements:. Paperless press office.. Exhibitors produced only 25 per cent of printed material compared to 2010.. Monthly sustainability meetings ensured everyone adhered to a consistent agenda.. Show logistics partner Agility Fairs offered a consolidated freight service to exhibitors to reduce trucks on the road. Agility also committed to providing its own measurements including fuel usage, space utilisation and waste.. Arranged for a hospice to benefit from some food produced at the exhibition and from the sale of clothing.. Award scheme established to recognise sustainable practices in catering equipment, food and drink, design and technology.. Sustainability conference provided. 43 per cent of exhibitors recognised the sustainability initiatives in placeFuture areas of improvement:. More communication to suppliers of the show's adherence to BS8901.. Electronic exhibitor feedback forms. Find more cost-effective public transport methods for visitors.. Investigate options for reducing waste and energy usage against the benchmarked figures. This could include half lighting during open periods or low-voltage lights.. Create less exhibitor waste through reducing sales material, building re-usable stands or recycling.Venue: Excel LondonExcel London is tackling sustainability on a range of fronts including energy and water usage, waste, transport and future planning. The venue is committed to certifying against BS8901 and has signed up to the Mayor's Green 500, a London Development Agency initiative to lead London's top organisations to collectively cut their carbon emissions. It also signed up to the United Nations Global Compact corporate citizenship and sustainability initiative. excel achievements:. Tighter controls on lighting systems; using free cooling when outside temperature is below 17 degrees; defaulting to a lights-off policy. . A 28 per cent reduction in total electricity consumption and 65 per cent reduction in gas in four years.. Excel was given a Displayed Energy Certificate rating of C - 66 in 2010 based on 2009 Phase 1 only energy usage. In 2011 based on Phase 1 and 2 energy usage, it has been rated C - 62. This rating indicates that Excel is 38 per cent more energy efficient compared to buildings of a similar type and usage. . Materials recycling facility on-site and colour-coded bins at all events.. Installing a commercial wormery with 300,000 worms to eat food waste.. Contributing over £1m to the local community annually.Future areas of improvement:. Installing 20,000 5MW photo voltaic solar panels on its roof based on a nine-year payback plan. . Following the successful implementation of LED lighting technology along the boulevard, dock edge, DLR walkway and various smaller projects saving up to 70 per cent energy, Excel is looking at LED for the halls. Supplier: MelvilleMelville has implemented a company-wide approach to sustainability and crafted its own policy, which is regularly updated and expanded. It is working along BS8901 guidelines and will begin obtaining third-party certification from 2011. melville achievements:. Introducing a process from the drawing board to the show floor aimed at continuously improving sustainability based on accurate measurements and clear Key Performance Indicators. This includes a management tool to measure against BS8901 criteria.. A full policy is in place addressing transportation, lighting, waste reduction, reuse and recycling, procurement, stakeholder engagement and economic performance. . Separating warehouse waste and embedding process to deal with raw materials as well as a company-wide recycling policy.. Implemented plug-and-play stand wiring system to eliminate waste from throwing away electrical cable at the end of exhibitions.. 95 per cent of all carpet is recycled; stand fitting staple board made from Foamex which is recycled.. Euro-5 compliant engines in new lease vehicles to reduce carbon emissions.. Installing sensor lighting in workshops.Future areas of improvement:. Obtaining third-party BS8901. accreditation in mid-2011.. Extending sustainability process to all suppliers and procurement.. Sharing management tools and targets with organisers.. Working with waste partners to find zero landfill waste options.. Sustainability policies with suppliers.. Further engagement with stakeholders on sustainability.1. 2. 3. Case Studies

Call the tickets hotline on 020 8971 8265Book online at chance to place Headline sponsorsEvent sponsorsbook your placeExhibition News Awards20 May 2011, Business Design Centre, IslingtonThere are only 2 weeks remaining until the Exhibition News Awardsbbrown