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tel. +44(0)1527 510154web. STAND DESIGN . EVENTS . INTERIORS . PRODUCTION . MANAGEMENTAN INTELLIGENT CHOICEC&SWEHN IT COEMS TO SATND DSEIGN, TEHRE ARE OLNY 2 LTTEERS YOU NEED TO KONWAOCCDRNIG TO RSCHEEARCH, IT DEOSN'T MTTAER IN WAHT OREDR THE LTTEERS IN A WROD ARE, THE OLNY IPRMOETNT TIHNG IS TAHT THE FRIST AND LSAT LTTEER ARE IN THE RGHIT PCLAE. THE RSET CAN BE A TOATL MSES AND YOU CAN SITLL RAED IT WOUTHIT A PORBELM.Helping Business ThriveContact the Conference and ExhibitionSales Team on: Tel: + 44 (0)1202 456550email: a team of dedicated conference andexhibition support staff, the BournemouthInternational Centre (BIC) is committed toexceeding your expectations.To discover how your next conference cango that little bit better -make sure youmake it at the BIC..Seating for up to 4000 delegates.Over 5000m2of conference or exhibition space.Five break out areas.Five smaller syndicate rooms, ideal for workshops and meetings.State-of-the-art audio visual equipmentand technical support.First class catering facilities.Fast and frequent rail links and on-site parkingbusiness goes better attheBICBIC BGB CN 1-2 page_Layout 1 04/04/2011 13:14 Page 1

Next monthROI is historically perceived as a diffi cult thing to demonstrate to our exhibitors, but there are solutions if you're prepared to think more strategically. This feature looks at short term and long-term options to demonstrate exhibitor return on investment. Selling ROIIssue: Exhibition News June 2011Editorial submissions: mtrudeau@mashmedia.netEN