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Jewellery show victim of diamond heistUrban aisle credBattle RoyaleBREAKDOWNThe lighter side of events industry life 46 may 2011 NEWs breakdownThose pesky diamond thieves. Why can't they just let us bring together millions and millions of pounds worth of precious stones under one roof in peace? The criminals most recently struck the Baselworld 2011 Watch and Jewellery show, where thieves made off with £4.5m worth of diamonds. The guy on the stand alerted security as soon as he realised they were missing, which he estimates was 15 minutes after the crime was committed. Fifteen minutes? What's the point? It's not like the robbers Improve your 'aisle' cred with this selection of a few more slang terms from user-made drone: Faceless, nameless person trying to sell you something. Implies the person is not enthusiastic about their job or the product they are trying to sell."The sales drone made an unconvincing case for me to upgrade from the product I wanted."Flyering squad: Show booth babes dressed to kill. You get so bamboozled by how hot they are, you'll take whatever they hand you."Man, I just got hit by the flyering squad!"EN loves a scandal: Don't be fooled by our highbrow, big-picture comment - we're happiest when the gloves come off. It turns out the launch of the London Pet Show will take place at the same time as -no joke - the Allergy and Gluten Free Expo in Olympia. There are going to be so many swollen noses it's not even funny. Has anyone told the Allergy expo organiser? EN supposes it could be good for business. Talk about creating some product demand!There's a golden opportunity here for a savvy businessman to set-up a kiosk shop outside the hall selling tissues, antihistamines and EpiPens.would decide to stop for a coffee, or duck into a seminar. EN doesn't understand how these criminals can possibly get past security. Surely the guards would spot someone in a black and white striped prison uniform dragging a ball and chain and holding a bag with a dollar sign on it. That's how robbers dress these days, isn't it? when times get tough, people turn to religion. this has proven true for the christian Resources exhibition, which reports its best year in 27 years, running three exhibitions and selling out two of those. Let's see, 27 years.that means the last best year was in 1984. what happened? oh yes, the miners' strike. time to evangelise! Repent, for the end is nigh! to be fair, we shouldn't knock it. For all we know it's full of exhibitors selling crossbows for fighting vampires and flaming swords of righteousness.ReligionCzech-ing out ChinaWhy does a lot of the weird stuff happen in China? Old ladies with horns growing out of their skulls, genetically-modified cows that produce human milk, the world's tallest man, women undressing in the street to attract husbands - the list goes on. The latest news is that the Czech pavilion (pictured) from the Shanghai World Expo is being moved "to the centre of a new big town".Firstly, why the Czech pavilion specifically? Of all the wild and wacky pavilion designs, the Czechs chose to build, well, a box. That's it. So was there something about its design that appeals to Chinese urban planners?Secondly, the Chinese are designing a new big town? Just like that? Just cut from whole cloth, foregoing the natural course of starting with a port, bridge, crossroads, inn or railway station? EN wouldn't be surprised if the town only took four weeks to complete. trade show tryst: One-night stands or occasional liaisons perpetrated after hours at out-of-town trade shows or conferences, usually between exhibitors, speakers or visitors staying at nearby hotels. Participants generally expect to see the other person rarely - if at all - after such impromptu adventures."Did you see Steve? He's had like four apple martinis and now he's hitting on that girl from the next stand! A trade show tryst waiting to happen!"

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