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back page54 WORDThe joys of parking and an ex-president famous for enjoying a Cuban cigar are part of our round-up of the latest exhibitions from around the worldThe king's Hall in belfast recently hosted the New age psychic Holistic Fair, which featured psychics, readers and fortune tellers. Visitors could sample aura, palm and tarot card readings, plus a wide range of natural therapies such as reflexology, Indian head massage, aura cleansing, reiki, metamorphic technique and aromatherapy oils.We could have benefited from some betting clairvoyancy before the latest Masters golf tournament.Park and Ride fills a blind spotExhibition News has always considered checking your mirrors, reversing and making sure the glovebox is closed to be the full extent of parking etiquette.How wrong we were, when we discovered the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE) held in Chicago on 18-21 March was "dedicated to advancing research, education and professional development for parking professionals," according to America's National Parking Association (NPA) president Christine Banning. The PIE show featured more than 40 seminars and nearly 100 regional and national exhibitors. On the show's first day, NPA Parking Consultants Council chair Chuck Cullen presented a three-hour seminar 'Boot Camp-Parking 101', featuring expert advice on operations, auditing, personnel management and technology. NPA members then presented a panel on 'Revenue Control Best Practices', a guest speaker who may be better suited to fronting a cigar expo is taking his oratory talents to the Solar power International 2012 trade show and conference later this year.Former US president bill clinton will be keynote speaker at this year's edition in Orlando, Florida, on 10-13 September. The organiser said clinton is the best-known public figure to speak at the event to date."Having president clinton keynote Solar power International presents a fantastic opportunity for solar energy professionals attending in Orlando," said Solar energy Industries association president Rhone Resch. "His leadership and commitment to expanding the use of solar energy - both in the US and the developing world - makes him one of our industry's strongest advocates. We are honoured to welcome president clinton to Orlando and to hear his vision on elevating solar to the next level." We expect clinton to shine at the event.PRez POWeRfeaturing a discussion on monthly audit control and how to consistently manage revenue for multiple locations.To wrap up proceedings, Banning shared industry research on population trends and a comprehensive parking industry rate study, while Brandy Stanley gave a presentation on her experiences as the first parking manager for Las Vegas.Looks like we had a blind spot before coming across this exhibition.Up in smokeFor a show where exhibitors are actively hoping for visitors to disappear away from their stands in a puff of smoke, look no further than the 80th annual International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Convention. The show, which runs from 2 to 6 August at the Orange County Convention Center One exhibition hoping not to raise too much of a stink is heading to Wisconsin later this year. The 2012 North american Manure expo will be at the United States Department Of agriculture (USDa) Dairy Forage Research center Farm at prairie du Sac, Wisconsin on 22 august.The expo will focus on "professional Manure Management" and will include commercial field demonstrations showcasing manure application technology. Hands-on product and safety presentations will also be a part of the day. Let's hope there's no muck-raking from exhibitors both during and after the show.MAnuRe MeeTMySTiC MegSin South Orlando, Florida, is on a roll, having already attracted an impressive list of exhibitors for the summer event. These include the General Cigar Company, Fantasia Hookah Tobacco, Zippo Manufacturing Company and Padron Cigars. No doubt visitors are hoping the real-life demonstrations will light up the expo. But we still think they should have aimed for former president Clinton (see top right).Royal ribbon cut: HRH prince charles opens the 2012 Ideal Home Show. celebrities george clarke, Myleene klass, Laurence Llewelyn-bowen, Suzi perry and gregg Wallace joined Media 10 MD Lee Newton on the podium.

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