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Whoa man where'd it go?BREAKDOWNThe lighter side of events industry life46 JUNE 2011 NEWs breakdownEN isn't sure which is more amusing: Stoners putting on an exhibition in the first place, or stoners sabotaging said exhibition in order to get more high.At this year's High Times Cannabis Cup marijuana-themed tradeshow in Denver, a US$50,000 (£30,251) truck trailer specially designed to grow pot (called the GrowBot and fitted with fully computerised grow lights and security devices) was stolen. A Dodge truck pulled into the parking lot in front of the security guards and CCTV cameras, hitched it up and took off. Comments made following the news are equally enlightening:greggo says: "Haven't you people heard of LowJack? Sheesh! If you bring it to LA, hit me up and I'll camp out in the trailer for personal security [as long as I can grow a round later]".kat says: "I just don't understand it.they have 'tobacco' stores that sell paraphenalia, online sites where you can by seeds, etc. But they won't legalise pot! WTF? They probably have a wing at the White House called '420' room!" Maybe not our best friendsDogs are smarter than you think. They've made themselves so lovable that humans sacrifice more than they can afford in order to keep them comfortable and healthy. Owners will literally dive into freezing-cold water because Poochie's cute little legs are too stubby to swim.Where there's demand, exhibitions will follow. Among products on display at the recent Zoomark International pet products show in Bologna were aspen parkas and 'Nanosuede' beds from a company cloyingly called Dog Gone Smart. The company's founder Chris Onthank said spending on pets in the US will exceed US$50bn this year. Dogs gone smart indeed. The EN team are not nearly smart enough to get anybody to buy us luxury beds and jackets.stuffed upExhibitions make for hilarious and extravagant theft cases. It must be something about the transient nature of an exhibition that appeals to criminals: Incredibly valuable wares are on display, everything is in chaos during buildup and breakdown, and there can't possibly be as much security as there is in a museum, warehouse or high-end shop.The latest theft took place at the 32nd annual Pennsylvania State Taxidermy and Wildlife Art Championship, Convention and Trade Show. What would someone steal? Why, a mounted deer head and multiple animal pelts of course.Expo lingo from the fieldHere is the final tranche of expo-related slang terms as found on The feeling of dread and despondence that strikes marketers before yet another tradeshow. Fear of tradeshows, conventions or conferences."Paralysed by expophobia, Julie couldn't muster the strength to hail a cab to Moscone West [US] for yet another convention."swagmeet: A gathering dedicated to the exchange of swag, where swag refers to stuff we all get, the free **** given out at tradeshows, conventions and so on. "If you have a discriminating eye, you can make a killing at the post-exhibition swagmeet."traddle: Blather about one's company's products, most often having a derogatory connotation and used at or in the context of discussions about industry tradeshows."The lame sales drone peppered me with meaningless traddle about their stupid Acme 9000 Ionising Pillowcase Cleaner."

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