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page 48 19remember what it is we do. We serve communities and try and create commerce by introducing buyers to sellers while trying to find original ways for people to want to do this more regularly. That purpose hasn't changed.Will exhibitions ever die out?Face-to-face is more valuable than it ever was because of the lack of socialisation in many other areas of business. The more digital the world becomes, and the easier it is to communicate at a superficial level, the more valuable it will be to communicate at an intimate level. I take great comfort from that. This business is a lot harder than it was and is harder every year. I think it's because we've been found out. We have refused year after year to provide proper justification on what we do; we won't measure it, count it, we don't make it more sophisticated and our whole business was based on the fact that you had to exhibit, or else. Then in the early 1990s there was a recession and people actually couldn't exhibit. We'd told them terrible things would happen if they didn't show up, but they couldn't and what happened? Nothing. This is ultimately a good thing because it means people who do exhibit will spend the money they should spend and come back if it's worth it. In that meritocratic world, the good events will thrive and bad ones will die. That has to be a good thing. you try harder, you care more and you're five per cent smarter, then you'll win more than you lose. What is Closerstill's overall philosophy?If I had one that summed us up, it would be 'it's not the taking part, it's the winning that counts'. It's aggressive but tongue in cheek. We are very competitive and if you say you are going to do something, you die trying. We are close to our markets and customers; we don't take them for granted. We also don't run anything that's not number one in its market, or is aspiring to be. We're not interested in piling it high and selling it cheap - there are others who do that brilliantly. hoW big is your operation today?From a standing start, we have gone to £10m in revenue in three years and nearly £3m in net profit. We have bought £3.5m of assets in terms of revenue, and have doubled those, and undertaken £3m worth of launches. last year you launChed the Closer2 investment arm With £3m in aCquisition funding. hoW far along are those plans?We are looking at four acquisitions at present, at least one of which is a quantum leap on what we've done before, and another that's twice as much as we've invested previously. That is just the start. We have access to an extended line of funding that we plan to deploy robustly, aggressively and as quickly as possible. We are about to do a £25m deal, which will see us sell a stake in the business and restructure it for aggressive growth. has the reCession influenCed your plans?A massive advantage when we started was that we had no legacy portfolio to manage. CloserStill started with a clean sheet of paper on the cusp of what was going to be a long and deep recession. Other people might say that's a disadvantage but for us it was a material advantage. First of all, there isn't as much competition about. You also know that if you have a reasonable proposition against an incumbent, they are unlikely to spend £500,000 to make it go away. If there is an opportunity to launch and three of you go for it, the other two are more likely to blink first if they aren't as well funded. Secondly, asset prices are much more realistic. At the top of the market, people were paying £104m for Ocean Media and £18m for the Professional Beauty shows that Mark Moloney [founder] bought back for a song. Thirdly, we've found people with sound businesses who were running up against difficulties in a recession, and who were more likely to want to shelter under the wing of someone and have access to scale to help them survive. Everything we've done is greenfield; we chose markets we believed would trade counter-cyclically. We did a debt-free deal with our own equity, so there were no banking covenants to trip over or third parties who could intervene, and we had cash in the bank. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king and if you have cash in a recession, you have such an advantage. If things get tough and you're missing a target, you can double the sales force or spend £50,000 on marketing while everyone else is having to cut. We are not stupid; we do a hell of a lot of research upfront and we don't have a stop button when we launch. We'll spend five or ten times the amount others spend doing a Survey Monkey research with a proper due diligence firm because it's a USP for us. You have to play to your strengths and there are people bigger than we are, better connected and who can out-muscle us. But we are quicker and when we're committed, we finish. You'll never hear of a launch by CloserStill that never happened. Closerstill's brands are linked to Current trends and topiCs, suCh as reforms in the health seCtor [Commissioning]. Could that limit their lifespan?Commissioning is about GPs. There is a point of legislative change that turns the market on its head and creates new buyers and sellers. This gives us a reason for a new event, but actually, once that legislation is settled down and you've got a group of 2,000 buyers spending £60m with a group of sellers, that's an event for GPs and commissioning groups and it'll be around for 20 years. Our other healthcare sectors - pharmacists, vets and dentists - are lifetime events as well. As an organiser, you look for a point of charge or disruption as a reason for your event to exist, but all our shows are carefully constructed around the 'professional'. Take the health service: It was begging for new events and despite cuts, it's still a massive sector. Medical is also the second-largest publishing market in the entire economy but until we came along, how many proprietary, branded events were there? Precisely none. It's extraordinary. What we found was people were intimidated by the content and by the associations. People in the medical market are highly qualified and the content is life-changing. Veterinary and dentistry were previously dominated by associations with paid-for conferences of £400-£1,000 a head. In contrast, we can deliver better and more practical content and we'll do it for £100 or nothing because 1,000 doctors in a room means we can sell £1m in space. We are a democratising force in the healthcare sector and it gives us enormous pleasure because we're on the right side and helping the service keep its costs down. What other seCtors Will you expand into?When CloserStill started, our plan was to look at the sectors that were sub-scale, or small enough that the big players weren't interested. We nominated technology, because of our previous experience; health, because it's a massive part of the economy; and renewables plus one or two other things. In the health sector, we have hardly started. There are lots of areas we haven't entered yet, and we also plan to move into clinical disciplines, as a lot of what we're doing today is management-focused. hoW big Can your shoWs get? We don't know what the limit is as we're still new to it. London Vet Show went from £500,000 to £1m and £2m in 2011; with The Pharmacy Show we had 72 per cent growth in attendance; The Dentistry Show has doubled in size. There will be a natural level to it, but I expect they could end up twice the size. Will Closerstill expand internationally?Yes, that's part of our plan and we will be running our first international event in Paris in 2013 [The Paris Vet Show]. It's the first in a rapid expansion of our national portfolio. We will distinguish ourselves by our price differentiation against the incumbents and the grouping of professionals we target. We'll start with Europe but also have a clear target to build in Asia and we're looking at a couple of companies now. do today's exhibitions look like the shoWs you ran 25 years ago?No, they're different. I'm not sure what to call our events actually, but they're not what an exhibition used to be and they're not what a conference is either. The last London Vet Show was truly different; it had something it created itself. We gave the spark of life to it, but the event took on a life of its own. Once you've got that, you've cracked it. Equally, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Quite often in our business, the medium becomes the message and we have to try and Learning Technologies ConferenceCloserStill acquired education conference player Learning Without Frontiers in April 2011 including Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills events. As part of the deal, founder Graham Brown-Martin became a shareholder and director of the wholly-owned subsidiary.Cloud Expo EuropeThe above deal was swiftly followed by the acquisition of Red Publishing for an undisclosed sum. Principal Maggie Meer continues to run the day-to-day operations on its Cloud Expo Europe (pictured). Biofuels MediaCloserStill's purchase of Biofuels Media, including the European Bioenergy Expo and Conference, was the first deal done under its investment arm, Closer2, which was granted £3m to spend and will be expanded this year.3 acquisitions

79Short Durations available (see pages 353-356)call direct on 0871 423 8401 or see your local travel agent. Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras.??Room upgrades??Honeymoons??Revitalise??Beachfront??WiFiSee page 6 formore informationThe Barceló Jandia Resort is the ultimate holiday hotspot if you're seeking relaxationcombined with a generous helping of activities and entertainment. Situated on a hillsideoverlooking the sea, the resort is made up of two Barceló hotels - the Barceló Jandia Marand Jandia Playa. The resort boasts an excellent choice of amenities all of which guests arepermitted to use throughout the two hotels. The dazzling array of shared facilities, activities,dining options, kids' amenities and entertainment described below are located throughoutthe resort. Guests can also choose to upgrade to the adult-only Club Premiumaccommodation which also forms part of the Barceló Jandia Resort. Offering an extra touchof luxury and service yet still allowing guests to benefit from the vast range of fantasticfacilities for all ages on offer throughout the complex. The spacious rooms are elegant andcomfortable with wonderful sea views and guests have the added bonus of being able toexperience the numerous on-site restaurants, including their own dedicated à la carterestaurant as part of their all-inclusive basis. There's a lovely swimming pool especially forpremium guests that features comfortable Balinese sunbeds. Please note: there are anumber of steps leading to the beach.Facilities. 5 free-form swimming pools . Heated indoor swimming pool (Barcelo Jandia Mar). FREEsunbeds . Internet and WiFi accessMeals and Drinks. Buffet-style restaurants . Snack restaurants . Theme restaurants . Pool bars . Lobby bars . Snack bars . Disco bar (open 11pm) . Piano bar (Jandia Playa)Activities. Minigolf (Jandia Mar - FREEfor Club Premium guests) . Billiards . Archery (over 18 years) . Wellness centre and Spa offering various health and beauty treatments including anti-stress,head and face massages and chocolate oil therapy (over 18 years) . Gym . Jacuzzi (in bothhotels) . Watersports available on the beach (under separate management) . Diving school at Jandia Playa (under separate management)Entertainment. Disco For Children. 2 separate swimming pools . Hotel kids' club (4-12 years) . Playground . FREEcotsAccommodation:Hotel room for up to 3 adults consists of. Double bed . Extra bed . Bath, shower and wc . Hairdryer . Satellite TV . Safety deposit box . Air-conditioning . Balcony or terraceInterconnecting rooms available on requestFamily rooms (minimum 2 adults/2 children), Sea view rooms and Sole occupancy availableat a supplementKey Facts. Overlooking the sea; beach 600 metres (via steps) . Morro Jable 5 kms . 485 rooms (Jandia Mar); 634 rooms (Jandia Playa) . Lifts . Child age: 2-12 years . Telephone no: 00 34 928 546 500 (Jandia Mar); 00 34 928 546 000 (Jandia Playa) . Official rating: 4 star Some facilities and activities may incur a local chargeSpecial Features£Honeymooners receive a FREEBarceló gift on arrival.Meals:Full board with buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hotand cold snacks available from the snack bar 12 midday-6pm. Ice-cream available in the restaurant for all ages during meal and dinnertimes..Drinks:Unlimited locally produced soft drinks including tea and coffeeand locally produced alcoholic drinks including beer and wine availablein the main restaurant 8am-10.30am, 1pm-3pm and 6.30pm-9.30pmand from selected bars 10am-11pm. Soft drinks, locally produced beerand wine available during lunch and dinner. Soft drinks including juices,tea and coffee available during breakfast. Tea and coffee 10.30am-11.30pm..Activities:Table tennis, pétanque and water polo. Multi-sports courtfor: 5-a-side football, basketball and volleyball. Tennis (Jandia Playa).(NB: a deposit is required for tennis, pétanque & table tennis racquetand ball hire). .Entertainment:Regular day and evening entertainment. Live musicand shows twice a week.allinclusiveFuerteventuraJANDIA RESORTCBJ3PCLUB PREMIUMCBJEPHotel Barceló Jandia ResortJandiaBarceló Jandia PlayaBarceló Jandia MarwatThisadults-onlyaccommodation benefits from the vast rangeof fantastic facilities including it's own exclusive:. Swimming pool with Balinese sunbeds (for sole use ofpremium guests, adults only) . A la carte restaurant . Full board with buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner in allrestaurants around the complex or choose to eat at thePremium A la carte restaurant (dinner only)Club Premium hotel room for up to 2 adults consists of . Twin or double bed . Bath, shower and wc . Hairdryer . Satellite TV . FREEsafety deposit box . Air-conditioning . Minibar . Bathrobe and slippers . Tea and coffee facilities . Balcony or terrace . Sea viewBarceló Jandia Club PremiumBarceló Jandia Club PremiumBarceló Jandia Club Premium plusBased on 7 nightsBased on 7 nightsBarceló Jandia Resort All Inclusive from£529ppBarceló Club Premium All Inclusive from£699ppBar counters, reception counters, hospitality bars, exhibition branded counters, cocktail bars and Bar Hire LtdTel; 08454 686 888