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BUSINESS 37The ratio of people who visit a booth by chance, according to Marketech. The Skyline Exhibits sponsored survey canvassed 3,341 visitors at 30 shows and found product information was the most popular reason to visit a booth (32 per cent).Marwood Events has contracted Showplans to design the fl oorplans for the UK Concrete Show 2013 at The NEC. The organiser was originally set to use a free fl oorplan service that came as part of a package from another contractor, but switched to the fl oorplan specialists in order to expand fl oorspace at the event.The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) will return to Ricoh Arena in Coventry for its 2012 G50+ Conference on 22 November. The conference was last held at the venue in 2009. Soccerex has chosen Manchester Central as the new host of its prestigious Global Convention and festival, the largest business-to-business football event in the world. The four-year deal, worth £23m, was announced by Soccerex chairman Tony Martin during the European Forum at Manchester Central.The UK's biggest jewellery festival is moving to Somerset House. Jewellery Week will take place from 11 to 17 June at the iconic venue and will feature exclusive launches, designer showcases, fashion shows, emerging designer platforms and open workshops and talks. The Aztec Event Services team was on-hand to provide AV support for naturalist Simon King's Nature On Your Doorstep show at the fi rst London Wild Bird Watch 2012 in April. The consumer show was held at the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. King's 75-minute show, held four times a day over the three-day event, was held in the Wildlife Whisperer Theatre. Aztec worked with iCode, a CCTV company that specialises in hidden wildlife and security cameras, and organiser Upper Street Events.Exhibition display manufacturer Tecna Display has been awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise -International Trade, Outstanding Achievement.Media 10 has chosen SO Visit to deliver registration, ticketing and lead management services at this year's 100% Design show. The event will take place at Earls Court on 19-22 September. GL events Owen Brown has claimed an industry fi rst after creating a double height, wall-to-wall atrium entrance in its latest temporary structure. The 30m x 40m Absolute Double Deck was erected for BIBA Medical's 2012 conference and event, held at Imperial College in April. The temporary structure featured a wall-to-wall double height atrium entrance, created by removing 300sqm of fl ooring from the top deck.The South of England Centre has appointed Anise Catering as its resident caterers.Venues Event Management has been selected to manage Road Transport Media's inaugural Commercial Motor Live event in October at Millbrook Proving Ground.WINNING BUSINESSLEE MASTERSJoining Clarion in early 2002. I accumulated a lot of experience in consumer events at BBC Haymarket and DMG, and Clarion gave me the opportunity to put all that to good use as show director for the launch of The Baby Show. I remember negotiating my salary with Marks Saunders who closed the telephone call when I said I wanted another £5,000. Thinking I'd blown it, he called me back 20 minutes later and we agreed the deal. I launched The Baby Show that October in Olympia and it was a great success. I have worked in many markets but the baby market is one of the most rewarding. You are dealing with an industry that MY BEST DECISIONMY WORST DECISION20%I like reading this column each month, however I do think many contributors' answers are rather tame when it comes to their worst decisions. Well, I did think that until I tried to write some words myself and fear started to creep in. Worst decisions often mean losing something - namely money - so I now subscribe to the highly edited and abridged versions of previous scribes.In a previous life, I ran a show that was dominated by a few big companies. The recession came and these brands had to signifi cantly restructure their businesses. There were complaints about show rates and we discussed these issues as a board. We decided we had the right dateline, geography, venue and our show offered great ROI. We also had our own recessionary issues so we held fi rm. Subsequently the dominant brands unifi ed through their trade association and launched against us elsewhere. There is more nuance to this but basically we lost the show. The major learning from this is to listen to your market, especially in recession. If it's made up of a handful of dominant brands, make sure you have a relationship with the very top executives; you have to fi nd a way to have regular dialogue and build trust.EVENTS AND EXHIBITION CONSULTANTserves a life changing and on the whole really positive moment in people's lives. The visitors and exhibitors are great to deal with. One thing I did learn early when walking around the show was, if you pick up the odd bit of rubbish to put in a bin, never pick up a Malteser.The early growth of show helped me build my profi le within Clarion and I became portfolio director and then divisional MD of Consumer running 23 shows a year. Clarion has a great management team headed by Simon Kimble and I grew as a businessman under his leadership.This month, TaxAssist experts answer the tough questions on setting up a business.QMy brother and I have set-up a company together and are the only director/shareholders. The business is going really well, but our growth is restricted by our working capital. With little experience between the two of us, we are struggling to obtain fi nance from the banks. I've heard about a scheme to encourage investment in small private companies: Can you tell me more?A The Chancellor announced the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) in his last Autumn Statement. Its purpose is to encourage investment in 'small' UK trading companies under two years old. 'Small' is defi ned as 25 or less employees and gross assets of under £200,000. The Scheme works by offering private investors tax relief of up to 50 per cent on investments up to a maximum of £100,000 per annum, and there are also some capital gains tax concessions. The company is restricted to obtaining only £150,000 of investment via the Scheme.The investment is made in exchange for shares that must be held for at least three years; otherwise there is a claw-back of the tax relief. The investor cannot be an employee of the company, unless they are a director. Furthermore, they cannot have an interest of more than 30 per cent in the company.SEIS may be right for you, but please note that the investors will be shareholders so you ought to think carefully about the impact on your degree of control of the company and your share of the dividends.- Excerpt from TaxAssist Accountants' Tax Q&A online service.TAX ADVICE CORNER

BUSINESS CLINIC38 pressure for businesses to be environmentally responsible increases year-on-year. But with the large number of facilities and amenities needed to stage events, organisers may feel apprehensive or even unaware of how to adapt to a more environmentally friendly model. Unsustainable event practices will only become more outmoded and outdated with time thanks to growing legal restrictions on such methods, so it is crucial that the exhibition industry works towards a sustainable future. This doesn't require a huge overhaul of working processes - some key changes can go a long way to improving your green credentials: 1. VISITORS AND TRANSPORTSimple hints and tips in pre-event material can have a sustainable impact on the event's carbon footprint. For large-scale events, many attendees come from far and wide and the carbon footprint can be huge. Suggestions of low carbon forms of transport as well as setting up a carbon offset MAKING EVENTS SUSTAINABLETMike Spicer looks at how you can market and run your events on more effi cient and environmentally responsible linesscheme for the event can reduce the environmental impact of visitor travel. 2. EVENT MATERIALSThe resources used in preparing physical event programmes can be saved through simple Wi-Fi access. Consider introducing ticketless entry. Although printed materials are extremely effective, the widespread use of smartphones, and to a lesser degree tablets, means that making materials available to download during the event through a Wi-Fi network, or beforehand with an app or link, could lower costs. 3. VENUEThe choice of venue is crucial when thinking about a green event. Many venues, such as 15 Hatfi elds in Southwark, trade on their green credentials, using suppliers who match their dedication to sustainable business and reducing onsite consumption of utilities to maximise effi ciency. A venue's design can also affect carbon emissions, so marketers should make sure the space is designed to minimise energy consumption and waste. 4. POST-EVENTThe amount of waste that events create is a growing concern, not just in terms of the potential pollution caused but the additional cost of disposal. Therefore, work with trusted suppliers to dispose of waste from the event and plan for the majority of your collateral to be repurposed to cut costs or disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. This also has the added benefi t of providing resources that can be used repeatedly, reducing cash outlays on materials further down the line. In addition, several venues uphold more environmentally-friendly waste management policies - it's worth checking these to understand how your exhibitors, suppliers and team can be more sustainable. 5. MAKE NOISE ABOUT YOUR CREDENTIALSSuccessfully marketing your green credentials within the industry will greatly improve the long-term viability of your business. Many companies and brands are on the lookout for environmentally-conscious event organisers, so this will boost business in the future as well as appearing progressive in the present. - Mike Spicer is CEO of Pulse Group.Simple hints and tips in pre-event material can have a sustainable impactA new survey undertaken by feedback forum Feefo has found women are the fairer sex when it comes to penning online reviews.Women provide more constructive criticism, including more suggestions for improvement as well as heaping praise on fi rms that do a good job. Women are twice as likely to spend time writing reviews at work, with men preferring to vent spleen at home. Feefo has collected more than four million feedbacks for brands since 2006, with almost double the number coming from male respondents.While young men aged 18-34 and over 55 were high on the list of respondents, women reviewers were more likely to be aged between 35 and 54.Feefo MD Andrew Mabbutt said men are more eager to have their say on what they thought of their experience as a customer. "Women take more time in their reviews and, if it's bad, they are happy to give suggestions on how the situation could be resolved," he said. "If it's good, they are more likely to spend time saying how pleased they are. Men want to just get straight to the point and voice what is most important to them, while women will think outside the box and often expand on a problem looking at it from different angles."A FAIRER REVIEWERCONTENT CURATIONContent curation has become an increasingly more important task for marketers, according to the new 2012 Content Curation Adoption Survey from marketing technology solutions provider Curata. Content curation is the process of fi nding, organising and sharing content and is gaining interest with the success of companies such as Pinterest. Curata's latest survey found 95 per cent of marketers from a variety of industries curated content in the past six months. Of those respondents that indicated they had not knowingly curated in the past six months, 100 per cent of them had done so by sharing an article, blog post or other content with a prospect or customer.Survey respondents are refi ning their content tactics by implementing best practices such as sharing and curating content on a daily basis. In a sister report on customer habits, Curata also found websites curated on a daily basis receive 18 per cent more click-through activity than those curated on a weekly basis. Those curating understand the value of timely content, with 45 per cent indicating they share content on a daily basis, up 18 per cent on last year. Sourcing high-quality content was the greatest content marketing challenge, up 30 per cent year-on-year, while three-quarters of marketers indicated that having the time to do it was a signifi cant issue.In addition, 79 per cent of respondents said social media was their favoured method for fi nding third-party content, while 76 per cent reported social media as their top sharing content platform. Fifty per cent of marketers claim to have at least one person dedicated to curating shared content at their organisation. Three-quarters of marketers who identify themselves as content curators also dedicate up to 25 per cent of their marketing budgets to content curation. More than 400 marketers participated in the Curata survey in March 2012.