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EXHIBITIONSCONFERENCESAWARD CEREMONIESEXPERIENTIAL MARKETINGHOSPITALITYBRAND ACTIVATION- Situated between the City of London and the vibrant East End - Rare blank canvas coupled with state-of-the-art facilities - 1400m2 of flexible dry hire space- Provides a unique backdrop in which to create your own stunning eventCALL 0207 375 2963 EMAIL EVENTS@WELLINGTONMARKETS.CO.UKWWW.OLDSPITALFIELDSMARKET.COM/VENUE.HTMLPhotograph: Sophie MutevelianA Ballymore Property. Operated byWellington Markets.EXHIBITION FURNITURE& DISPLAY EQUIPMENTEventex Furniture provide traditional and contemporary furniture that is designed to enhance any exhibition stand. We can offer a full range of service options leaving you to concentrate on making your exhibition the perfect marketplace for your clients.Please visit our website or contact a member of our sales team.T: +44 (0)1922 629009F: +44 (0)1922 628937E:

lack, by way of event management expertise, can be hired. Previously, the majority of new business came from traditional exhibition organisers. However, we have seen a growing trend for new business from smaller, independent organisers and of the 19 exhibitions that are working towards relocating or launching exhibitions with The NEC for 2012/13, over half are from these non-traditional organisers.We are committed to supporting organisers and content owners to help ensure their events reach their full potential. By drawing on the venue's extensive pool of resources we offer a fl exible 'mix and match' service so organisers can benefi t from bespoke packages that go beyond the physical hall space. The success of this approach is evident in the recent success of the British Alpaca Futurity's (charity) own event, which relocated to us this year, the Dairy Event & Livestock Show organised by RABDF (association), and the UK AD & Biogas Show organised by ADBA (association).With a growing number of smaller, independent and non-traditional organisers, we really should be recognising the work they're doing and highlighting the fantastic events they are delivering. They may not class themselves as event organisers, but they are and we should incorporate them into our industry and recognise them as such. It would be great if we could do this in an expansive fashion by having a category at next year's awards.- Chris Hartley is business development director at The NEC .I enjoyed a fantastic night at the Exhibition News Awards on 29 March, but something I feel it neglects to address and recognise is the great work the smaller, independent organisers are doing, as well as the 'non-traditional' organisers such as trade associations, institutes and publishers.In the last few years we've seen a growing interest from trade associations, publishers and SMEs looking to launch events with us at The NEC. With trade associations, their motivation is really about their community; bringing it together, creating value, driving knowledge and best practice - it's not just about the bottom line.Associations have the key components of a successful trade event: Data; market knowledge; strong relationships with key stakeholders; and of course, infl uence. What they READER 41YOUR SAYEmbracing non-traditional exhibition organisers as part of our industry fold and a plea to save Earls Court lead readers' comments this monthA CALL TO RECOGNISE SMALL AND NON-TRADITIONAL ORGANISERSONLINE SAY-SOTwitter postsTrucks back from Aero-Friedrichshafen; a big job and successful. Now for another aero exhibition: Ebace, Geneva.Transcity ExhibitionsCustomer satisfaction or loyalty: What is the best service quality target? TUV @ UFI Utrecht says they depend on each other for success.UFI LiveWe enjoyed co-chairing 'future of the industry debate' @ Summer Eventia 2012. Key trend 1: Tech is driving increased audience participation.The QEII CentreIt's a trend started by the Murdochs and now continued by the culture secretary - MBNKWTFWGO: Management By Not Knowing WFT Was Going On.Richard RuzylloDigital native, device powered, always on, socially connected: The modern consumer.Oli NealThinking how brands would not exist without the creative comms and events industry. Let's unify to kick some corporate hard ball.Sam WilsonLove that the session I'm in at Internet World has its own hashtag.Valerie HassallWise words from Saatchi & Saatchi CEO: "Make sure your brand has a smell, a sound, a feel and an intimacy with people".FaceTimeUKLinkedIn forums"The slowdown is not surprising when the Eurozone is in recession. The European Central Bank's quarterly Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF), predicts a 0.1% contraction in 2012 and the Eurostat data agency showed that the Eurozone economy contracted by 0.3% in the fourth quarter of 2011. The uncertainty last autumn would have impacted the marketing budgets and stand booking plans of European exhibitors."- Melville's Malene Stanley on Reed's slowdown across European business during Q1. Why shouldn't Earls Court be listed?As an industry, we need to talk about what we're all doing (or need to do) in order to band together and campaign against the threatened destruction of the Earls Court Exhibition Centres. We've started a campaign at to help our case. I'm not exactly sure what the AEO, ESSA and the EIA are doing about it, but the whole industry seems to be strangely quiet on the matter. We are faced with losing the grand old dame of the exhibition industry and something should be done to save it.For me, there are several key issues with English Heritage's decision to not list Earls Court as a historical building of interest. In the agency's 'advice' letter under 'consultation', city designer Richard Coleman is listed as undertaking the report English Heritage used to then raise the Certifi cate Of Immunity against Earls Court, saying the venue is not suitable for listing and therefore can be demolished. However, listed among Coleman's clients are both Capital and Counties [Earls Court owner] and DP9 [planning consultants]. This is surely a huge confl ict of interest and a situation that needs an immediate inquiry at the highest level. English Heritage has told me to write to outline the fact that its initial report into why Earls Court shouldn't be listed is fl awed, factually incorrect and contradicts itself and we're working on this now. English Heritage has listed two petrol stations recently, a red phone box, a public loo and pub near Earls Court, the Abbey Road zebra crossing, a car showroom in Worcester (the HA Saunders Clock Tower) and an old bus depot in Bournemouth. So why not Earls Court itself? It's crazy.There are other questions to be answered: For example, are we sure funding won't run out for this project? We don't want CapCo to knock down Earls Court Exhibition Centre and leave us all with a gaping hole and the tragic waste of a national icon. Then there's the local residents, who are concerned about the noise and pollution and the effect on their house prices.I call on everyone to put aside any thoughts of Excel or Olympia fi lling the gap because although they are great venues, the destruction of Earls Court is a major blow against the UK exhibition industry. Wi-Fi, health and safety and sustainability are signifi cant issues, but let's not overlook the potential waste of one of our oldest and third-biggest venue. Earls Court needs you. Now. - David Rogers is MD of Show Management Services.